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CL 4-Koma Anthology Thread Part 2: CL-Related Comic Strips (NEW BATCH UP)

  1. #729262014-04-10 17:53:09TeruShinozaki said:

    I hope people are not put off this being an art-related event, like what Deft seems to have demonstrated. This is not an art contest or anything, so I hope more people would join in, because I'm sure a lot of other people have really good jokes out there that is related to the theme! A hilarious joke that is done in stick figures is just as valid an entry as a really terrible punchline drawn by an artfag. So I'd like to see more people participate in this, because aside from it not requiring much artistic talent, it's 4 fucking panels guys lol

  2. #732352014-04-15 08:03:00MrTingles said:

    Hey folks, just wanted to check how y'all are doing!

    And remember, if you wish to be added to the Skype group, just shoot me a PM and I shall do so!

  3. #753922014-05-11 10:21:01MrTingles said:

    Hey folks, just a reminder that this exists.

    You have until the end of May to do this! Gogogogo~

    Also, if you wish to PM early submissions to me, please do so, or if you'd rather email them to me, PM me so we can set that up.

    I look forward to your work, m'dears~

  4. #754012014-05-11 15:12:41MrTingles said:

    The one that you and XTC did, as well as one Rebel did.

    Others have said they are working on it as well, so I can only wait.

  5. #770972014-05-28 16:15:34MrTingles said:

    Be sure to check out the first post for an update.

    Sorry about the delay, but certain IRL things happened. However, for you folks, it will be business as usual, just hopefully with more 4-koma.

  6. #783622014-06-20 04:52:08Kirn said:

    I guess, the first 4-come in on the list, by Maudia, represents the state of aspiring artists quite nicely )
    I honestly can't ever really get into Train's art. Still, two 4-comas - that's some dedication to drawing Samuel L. Tingles.
    Nice art from Rebel. And a decent understanding of CL characters. Good work there.
    And, obviously, the best entry is from Ecstasy with a small bit of my help. Following the theme, clear lines, good style, writing allows for the silent final panel. Praise us!

    Interesting thing I noticed - except from Maudia, noone has a really proper 4koma. Everyone else has double panels or smaller panels inside the larger one.

    Well, now Tingles can judge the participation and plan for these events accordingly. I would still recommend making separate threads for each new 4-coma theme or period or whatever. People tend to notice new threads better, and to not lose the old one, we already have a good projects list thread.

  7. #783862014-06-20 08:39:49Dark-B said:

    I actually forgot I was on Rebel's submission, but nonetheless, I enjoyed the batch. I'd have to say, in terms of graphics and art, @Ecstasy has the best hands down. Everything is polished and neat, server-tan is drawn adorably, and in good form. I still enjoyed @MrTrain 's panel the most, however. Comedically speaking, it was the best for me. Art isn't much of a big deal, in fact it was more enjoyable this way for the panels she made IMO.

    @Maudia panel was very straightforward and enjoyable. Managed to make the most out of not actually doing anything, great work right there. @Rebel isn't really behind as well, I'd say the submissions were very good in this one, and I enjoyed them all.

  8. #784052014-06-20 14:43:09Rinneko said:

    Good job to @SirTingles for organising this, as usual~ Definitely a lot of commitment, time, and hard work to keep this running, so thank you for sticking with this project. :")

    I enjoyed how simple @Maudia's submission was. Like DB said, there wasn't much action ongoing but it clearly delivered the point it was trying to make. Wholly relatable, of course. @MrTrain's was in-character and honestly the one that made me laugh quite a bit! It's somehow amusing to see Tingles' commonly seen 'BANNED' and a train in the two 4komas.

    @Ecstasy's and @Kirn's was pretty sweet since we got to see Server-tan and Server-kun(s). It was strange to think of the many different ways Server-kun may have turned out, as well as Server-tan's 'older sister' thoughts. It'd be great to see more Server-tan/kun 4komas in the future. :) @Rebel's was accurate enough, with Kip's NO FUN ALLOWED attitude. I guess I didn't really envision her or DB looking like that though, but it was still nice nonetheless.