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CL 4-Koma Anthology Thread Part 2: CL-Related Comic Strips (NEW BATCH UP)

  1. #720072014-03-25 21:43:42MrTingles said:

    Hey folks, as you can see, I've updated the thread with the first batch of submissions.

    Now, it's time for some discussion on what you'd like to see for the next batch of 4-koma manga! We have until Saturday to discuss this- so get talking, m'dears! I hope we can work together and make enough manga to eventually get a proper e-book or something of the sort!

  2. #720082014-03-25 22:08:46Kirn said:

    A strip from the deadly duo, Kirn and Ecstasy!

    I rather like that. Though, really, Ecstasy should be mentioned first - she is the artist and it was her idea for us to participate.
    I'll add some proper thoughts here tomorrow - to late for me to be thinking anything coherent today.

  3. #720242014-03-26 06:31:10 *Rinneko said:

    Great work! I had a particularly good laugh at Shinozaki's Server-kun/Server-tan conversation, and MrTrain's 'crappy' jokes/'shitty' puns. Happy to see a varied spread of comedy portrayal amongst the submissions. :)

  4. #720312014-03-26 08:58:43Kirn said:

    So. 6 contributions, some made by pairs of people. I'd say, I like Taizu's one - had a sort of reality feel to it. I also like Teru's one - nice interaction between our mascots, plus it was nice to see the winning Server-kun again.
    Obviously, the best one is by Ecstasy and me, made squarely at the last moment, and none of you have any chance to compare! Despair, you pitiful humans!

    Now, 6 is less than I expected, actually, but better than could have been. Now, I am not an artist in any way, so I really have no idea how easy or hard it is to make a 4koma from a purely technical point of view, not counting the thinking-about-ideas period. But how I see it now - you can take DC's writing threads as an example of how to structure it. Now, writing threads have a lot of rules, a big theme discussion. You don't have to have that, you can follow the writing prompts like - simpler, no pressure on participants, easy theme.

    What you want to decide is how often you want to have that - so it would not tire out regular participants, but was on often enough for newfags to join, cause I think some do want to join. Another thing is - I don't really visit our art threads, so I don't know if you did it, but maybe you can advertise this among our known artists. Pick up the participation. Don't be shy to ping people - if they wouldn't want to, the won't join, if they wouldn't have noticed the thread without that - you just got another 4koma.

    Now, I don't like tumblr - I generally dislike the idea of it, plus I remember how Gar, at one point, tried to contain my CL News by moving us to tumblr, which obviously never worked our well in any way. However, in this case, until we have something downloadable, this can work alright. Pictures need some writing commentary, so I guess the blog of sorts is what we got to have here.

    Oh, and a damn shame that this wasn't pinned back on stickies before the first batch. But oh well. Some people notice unstickied threads going up naturally more than they notice stickies )

  5. #720362014-03-26 11:17:17Rinneko said:

    I'd suggest bi-monthly or monthly. As someone who does not know how long it takes to draw up a 4koma, I am just speculating that one week for brainstorming and one week for drawing would be good. Every two weeks seems ideal, as it is not too short (hopefully) that the participants are tired out and not too long that the thread activity goes dead. Of course, with the inclusion of irl factors and your organising time constraints, perhaps monthly would be better?

    This is just my input. :) I hope it helped a bit.

  6. #720432014-03-26 14:37:13MrTingles said:

    Indeed it did. This was very informative, and I'm looking into making the process better and hopefully getting more folks to participate.

    Thank you both!

  7. #722142014-03-30 02:59:48MrTingles said:

    Alright, so guys, I need your input. What sort of theme do you want next time? Refer to that earlier post I made for the options and post them below. Thanks!

  8. #722642014-03-31 10:20:11Ecstasy said:

    I don't mind trying to draw more for the project. I think I'd be fine with it being a monthly event. And seeing how Teru's work seems to be the most liked, maybe we could go with Server-tan/Server-kun theme this time?

  9. #722722014-03-31 11:42:31Kirn said:

    Well, I don't draw, so I don't care much about the theme... Maybe something Server-tan/kun related may be good.
    Anyways, I expect @Ecstasy to poke me about the script anyways ))

  10. #728892014-04-10 07:16:36Deftones said:

    Deftones would like to remind you that not everyone on this site is a artfag, and that artfags should accept shitty content by the lesser artistic users. Otherwise it's one big circle jerk with the artists. Jerking over their glorious content.

  11. #728902014-04-10 07:18:00Kirn said:

    Artists and authors can work in teams

    Though, Deft, you are still out of luck, cause you are none of that anyways.

  12. #728912014-04-10 07:24:54 *Deftones said:

    I remember you once saying "If you don't get paid for your work, you can't claim that you are musician". Pretty sure the same applies to artists and authors, if you use this logic. And I'm pretty sure half of the artists on this site don't get paid for their work

  13. #728922014-04-10 07:45:37 *Kip said:

    First off, don't start anything in here about who's getting paid what for doing whatever because it has nothing to do with the thread or the event. Seeing it take up the slightest bit of room on the newest page of the thread is an eyesore. If I see any kind of derailment or off-putting negativity take form from this small side conversation I am going to flag and discuss removal of your posts. This goes for both @Kirn and @Deftones. I don't want to see this conversation continue, it is an argument waiting to happen. This extends to anybody watching who feels any urge to place their 2 cents in as well.

    Second, the 4Koma Project is open to all submissions from users, whether somebody is of professional skill level or simply draws stick figures, as long as it meets the requirements that @SirTingles has already stated in this events Rules.


    not everyone on this site is a artfag

    artfags should accept shitty content by the lesser artistic users.

    Otherwise it's one big circle jerk with the artists. Jerking over their glorious content.

    Don't call somebody elses work shitty and don't assume that all the other art is professionally done. This is insulting to the other artists working who are still improving or have just begun drawing.

  14. #728932014-04-10 07:59:14Deftones said:

    Don't assume that I was calling any one else's art shitty, I was calling what I made shitty. I'll leave it at that.

  15. #728982014-04-10 09:01:20DarkChaplain said:

    Deftones would like to remind you that not everyone on this site is a artfag, and that artfags should accept shitty content by the lesser artistic users. Otherwise it's one big circle jerk with the artists. Jerking over their glorious content.

    DC is no artfag, and has the artistic skills of a zebra. That doesn't mean I go and put somebody else's art onto a white background and write some words next to it, then submit it to a project as my own.
    Would I still enjoy submitting something? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean it would be some effortless drivel.

    And you are right to call your work shitty, @Deftones. It was, and it does not fit in with what @SirTingles is trying to do here. The removal of your post was brought up on staff, and multiple staff members have given their opinion on it before it was removed.
    You really don't have to start arguing about it or comparing it to "government work" or gravatars. It was removed for reasons you have already been told. Leave it at that.

    Now, that this topic is over, get back to your seats, everyone.