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  1. New Yuri Anime: SAKURA TRICK

    #682432014-01-11 04:02:03 *Kip said:

    As of January 9th 2014, the Yonkoma manga series Sakura Trick has made it's debut as an anime!

    Based on it's manga, Sakura Trick is Yuri, animated by Studio Deen, the studio that worked on Vampire Knight, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Rurouni Kenshin, and a shitload of other anime that you can find listed here.

    The show currently revolves around Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, with Haruka as the viewers main POV. The two are best friends, and, throughout the story, find ways to make their bond together grow to even greater rabu heights by forming a relationship beyond friendship with each other.

    The show also features a small cast of characters that all seem like they'd be pretty loveable!


    Anyways, I've only recently found out about this series, but it looks super adorable so far. I'm sort of betting that all of the characters are gonna turn out to be lesbians, BUT WHATEVER.

    The show is funny at times, but since it's Studio Deen you can expect LOTS OF FLOWER PETALS, bright colors, fluffy boarders, soft lines, and a fast paced story with exaggerated scenes that involve intimacy. I can't give a big review on the anime yet because there's only 1 episode out, but I'll be sure to read the manga to get a better review later on. I'm just hoping that the pacing goes a bit more smoothly once the second episode is released. I always feel like first episodes are either too slow or too rushed. The good thing is that a lot of our characters seem to have an established relationships already, so there isn't much development that needs to be done there, and the girls are all very friendly towards one another. I have a feeling it's going to be a short season with maybe 12 episodes, but only 4 books are out so far. We will see!

    All in all, if you want a cute new Yuri anime to watch, go check out Sakura Trick!

  2. #683072014-01-11 19:26:49 *coobar1912 said:

    Words cannot describe the love I have for Sakura Trick. I've been waiting for this shit ever since the Winter Animu List was posted.

    Seriously, I've listened to the OP for over five hours now, and it's still great. And I must have watched the HarukaXYuu scenes over 300 times. I can't get enough omg.

    And the fact that it's by Studio DEEN makes it all the more awesome.

    And this isn't the last of the yuri animus this year either. Akuma no Riddle hasn't even started yet. Not to mention the MitsukiXMiyori scenes in ImoCho. This season is a yuri season if I have ever seen one.