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Parent: CL 4-Koma Anthology Thread Part 2: CL-Related Comic Strips (NEW BATCH UP)

  1. #682662014-01-11 09:53:42Kirn said:

    Hmmmm... do I smell a CL manga? The one thing that failed pretty much every time we tried it?

    Actually, no. Making this into something similar to our writing projects is a good idea. Because before we tried to make some single big-ass thing, many people joined, noone really did anything and we had no work distribution. But making a theme and making single artists or writer/artists teams work on it on 4-panel format? Yeah, that actually can work.

    The one downside I see here is that people who can't draw can't join, but well, that's a drawing project... Yes, I know, writer can join with an artist, but 4-panel format is easy enough, so you don't really need a writer even if you aren't that creative yourself, and writers would have to actively seek artists to join. An artist who would announce that he needs a writer would get swamped with proposals, I feel.

    I'd say, you should test this on a few neutral themes, but if this would go well, you can try making 4-panels about something CL-related. Maybe we then finally get something resembling the goddam CL manga. Would be an achievement.

  2. #682872014-01-11 13:09:37 *TeruShinozaki said:

    This isn't a contest though. People need not be pressured to draw well to be able to participate. One could probably come up with a comic featuring stick figures but as long as it is funny, it wouldn't matter.

    As for a theme, this is simply a suggestion, but how about a 4-panel strip of a humorous event/conversation that you've experienced in real life? Kind of like greentext stories on 4chan, only in comic form. I'm not really too keen on making and setting up my own joke for a comic, since I'm just not a very funny person to begin with, so it would be easier that way to derive the comic idea from a real life exchange.

    I kind of do like the idea of something CL-related as well though.