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  1. BBC SHERLOCK [The Ending] *Spoiler Alert*

    #68332012-01-15 22:33:05Sutol said:

    Has anyone seen the last episode? I've just seen it now and I just can't get why they did that for the ending >.< Anyone have any suggestions? Do you think it's an opening for a new series? Actually, does anyone know what's going on and what's going to happen?

  2. #68412012-01-15 22:54:57Nandaba said:

    Not having watched the episode, I'm going to assume Sherlock died mimicking the ending of The Final Problem.

    Spoilers: He didn't die.

  3. #68662012-01-16 00:14:10 *Sutol said:

    spoiler Yeah, I wonder how he managed to fake his death... He could have thrown Moriarty over but then again we did see him fall in front of John BUT we weren't shown his body properly so we couldn't confirm his face, I really hope there will be a series 3 there are so many questions that need answering and not enough episodes to do so!

  4. #68772012-01-16 00:34:19DSP said:

    Well it was obvious he wasn't going to die. It's a modern retelling, but it's still a retelling of sorts, an important aspect as that isn't going to be overlooked.

    Though I do wonder how the he managed to survive that, I mean that was a fucking hardcore fall and yet only a few months later he's up and about. What's fucked up is that whilst it was in a frantic moment, we were shown his face full on covered in blood. Cumberbatch has a very unique face and is quite recognisable even with blood all over it. That's what I hope is explained in a later season because that one bit seemed a bit too far-fetched. At least in other interpretations they still include the falls as a cover to keep it ambiguous but here sherlock smacked the ground hard.

    EDIT: After watching it again, I see what they did, pretty clever, they used John's concussion to help mask Sherlock's face, after the previous episode I'm not so keen in trusting what we see on screen.

    The key here is Molly, she could have easily provided sherlock with a dead body and also the garbage truck that drives away could have been used to cushion sherlock's fall. Something John probably wouldn't notice thanks to that hit by the cyclist.

  5. #70482012-01-16 19:26:08Hika said:

    The part that killed me was how John was completely alone afterwards. I mean, the guy went to Sherlock to get over this trauma in war only to see Sherlock die in front of him.


  6. #70662012-01-16 20:45:01TalTal said:

    ANYONE KNOW A GOOD WEBSITE TO STREAM THIS SHIT? Beacuse the one I'm using is choppy and the quality sucks. No, I don't get BBC. No, I'm not downloding it.

  7. #72092012-01-17 09:52:25Hika said:

    BBC Online has this, if you're computer has a UK IP, otherwise go buy it when it comes out in stores.