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The Bad Joke Thread

  1. #821442014-09-06 20:53:52xiaden said:

    Can we get some steak puns in here?

    I know they're hardly ever more then half cooked. but it's a rare medium well done.

  2. #821612014-09-07 09:34:23 *MrTrain said:

    A farmer counted 196 cows on his field, but when he rounded them up he had 200

    Btw These jokes are great why haven't I found this thread sooner? Probably because of the misleading title

  3. #821712014-09-07 19:21:58Maryam said:

    What did they do to cows accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem Trials?

    Burned them at the steak.

  4. #821932014-09-08 19:54:43 *vickylannister said:
    • it’s impossible to be fashionable when you’ve hit croc bottom

    • i really don’t like to graph in math hw

      i can factor polynomials, i can do trigonometry, but graphing is where i draw the line

    • Past, Present and Future walked into a Bar. It was tense.

    • Vincent Van Gogh killed himself before the height of his fame. Guess he didn’t know he was van goghing places.

  5. #822622014-09-10 14:55:24Slyter said:

    Why aren't colonels put on the front line? Because if they were to be exposed to that much heat they'd turn into popcorn.