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The Bad Joke Thread

  1. #909642015-08-01 11:38:12BakaHime said:

    -My friend David had his ID stolen the other day

    now we just call him Dav

    -ed has no girlfriend because sheeran away

    -what do you call a sunburnt penis

  2. #918152015-09-02 03:59:16 *--Jack-- said:

    A man goes to see a doctor. After being examined, the doctor gives him a month to live, then asks him to pay for his visit. The man replies "But doc I don't have enough cash..." to which the doctor replies "Fine! Fine! I'll give you another 2 months!"

  3. #918172015-09-02 04:33:38 *Anweira said:
    A student goes to their professor to ask about their test mark.
    Student: Hi, I think there was a mistake on my test- I am pretty sure that sunflower seeds are healthy for birds.
    Professor: I think you better check-a dee dee dee again. They contain a lot of fat.
  4. #959922015-12-22 02:34:46EvoRulz said:

    What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

    Where's my tractor?!

    What did the farmer say when he found the tractor?

    There's my tractor!

    How do you make a farmer sad?

    ...Murder his family...0___0

  5. #970052016-01-06 12:40:51Lieutenant said:

    L., [06.01.16 20:21] My laptop crashed so

    Kirn, [06.01.16 20:22] From your singing? ))

    L., [06.01.16 20:23] No

    L., [06.01.16 20:23] From turning it on

    Kirn, [06.01.16 20:24] It got too turned on

    Kirn, [06.01.16 20:24] Sorry, horrible joke