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  1. #686572014-01-17 05:07:00Kittycat said:

    Dear myself,
    I'm sorry to say this, but you care too much. Why must you strive to think in another way; a way that you find acceptable to the social standards in your life? If you want to be seen as nobody, be my guest... be "normal". If you want to lose everything that matters about you, everything that matters to you, then keep doing what you are doing... Keep yourself in a cage... be a prisoner to your mind; a mind bent in such a way that it fears everything. Be afraid of life... hide behind your disguise, that makes you unnoticeable, that makes you feel unappreciated, because that's what you deserve; a person that doesn't appreciate one's self does not deserve to be appreciated by anyone else. Keep it up... I'm sure you'll be very happy with yourself, very happy with your life, and very happy in your cage...

    Stop being an idiot, Kitty.