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Parent: 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #686792014-01-17 17:41:43 *n1xx said:

    Icon Ideas!

    In the meantime the mix is being made by @Momimochi, @Fieyr and I would like to start discussing icon designs with you all.

    Our personal suggestion for the design, would be to choose one that hasn't been used yet in our CL choruses, while it should also have some sort of nostalgic feel to fit with the retro idea.

    As a result, we suggest the following: Nico Nico-Style Icons

    This icon style was one of the first ones used for Nico Nico Douga medleys, and is still quite popular to this day. The design is quite simple. It involves the icon image to be inserted inside of a rectangle, which includes a section, at the bottom, for the singer's name.

    Of course, modification suggestions to this design are welcome. Such as a change to the shape, or even animation ideas.

    Furthermore, you may discuss other designs, as well. We're open to the participants' suggestions, and will be glad to read all of them!

  2. #686802014-01-17 17:51:25olivaisfire1997 said:

    The basic idea seems interesting, quite clever mixing two styles of "retro" on the chorus. Still the way that it is, I think the screen might be a little to crowded, and it could not blend well with the video(just a guess, since I don't know what kind of video you're planning).

    So I think I can only come up with another idea, which is finding an icon design that can be, sort of a reference to the time period of the songs(if such a thing is possible). And if it doesn't work, I think the starting idea is definetly a way to go, even if it might need a little work in my opinion.

  3. #686812014-01-17 18:03:38n1xx said:

    How about distributing the singers on the border of the video, instead of crowding up the center?

    We currently have thirteen confirmed singers for the chorus, which could involve placing three on the right and left borders, four at the bottom, and finally three at the top.

    Having them touch with one another could also become optional, or can simply be done in small groups, depending on their positions.

    Furthermore, the background video should involve remastered formats of the reference videos to each song, with the purpose of aiming a resolution that is close to high-definition.