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  1. #689782014-01-23 21:29:43Kittycat said:

    Dear myself,
    I know you're under a lot of pressure. I know you're under a lot of stress... I know this because I know you. This is why I have something really important to ask you... why? Why do you have to be sad? What could anyone have done to you to cause you to feel this why? Nobody has done anything... You have only led yourself to believe this. I know why.. and I understand how you feel, but that's not gonna solve anything... Certain things happen in life, but you're gonna have to move on... Don't make yourself think about things that already happened... you can't change what happened in the past.. you are who you are, don't hate yourself for that reason... Just let it go... forget about everything... enjoy life for what it is... and don't let yourself get carried away. now don't you feel silly for feeling the way you did? :3 good :P
    Keep on going, Kitty :P