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CL Short Story Project 3: Science Fiction FFA! Currently Editing!

  1. #721402014-03-28 14:03:01DarkChaplain said:

    To make the wait a bit more enjoyable, I'll offer some notes more:

    • I have read through Ecstasy's story, Posterium, Rinneko's Transposition and Ucui's Artificial Heart. I enjoyed all of them.
    • Ecstasy's story offers a lot of room for expansion, and the setting has a lot of promise. I've already encouraged her to keep writing if she feels tempted to explore it more.
    • Rinneko's story is a lot more self-contained and dives into a more personal theme, combining it with a post-modern future vision of our world. Outside of very minor mistakes, her prose was damn solid.
    • Ucui's story was the saddest of the bunch so far. It was very creative and evocative, though there's been a lot of repetition in his prose, especially with how he addressed his characters. For the future, I'd think a bit more variety in wording would beneficial.
    • All three stories received minor edits while reading,
  2. #721472014-03-28 20:05:08DarkChaplain said:
    • Jack's story is the most futuristic I've read so far, and the first which took to space. His setting is interesting, to say the least.

    I have also started on the PDF version. I thought I'd do something more interesting this time, and use Adobe InDesign for that, rather than using shitty export. As a result, the PDF version this time should be a lot shinier, though I have to iron out some kinks with the software first.
    However, .epub or .mobi formats will stay the recommended way to read the anthology.