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  1. What is your country known for?

    #691242014-01-26 03:27:01 *Rinneko said:

    This was shared with my class during English, as a way of encouraging us to be more in tune with international events. What is your country known for? Mine is barely noticeable on the map, but is apparently reputed in Science.

    And here's a relatively more enlarged view (but you might want to open the original in a new tab/window):

    There is a chart here that has the map in a comprehensive linear form if you are unsure where your country is on the world map.

  2. #691252014-01-26 03:53:43 *XLuciant said:

    Vodka; beautiful women; military power; being huge; cold weather; Taiga; oil; the color red; communism; the next Olympics; Putin; Rubble.

    You can guess the country your self.

  3. #691332014-01-26 09:09:37DarkChaplain said:

    "Almost winning the world cup" my god, yeah, that's TOTALLY what Germany is known for... not that they pay a shitload to keep the EU afloat, or that their cars are of brilliant quality, or that they're thorough, or that they have the best fucking Currywurst in the world, or that Döner Kebab was created there, or that we have stupid backwards media ratings and censorship on games (which has gotten better, although the logos on the boxes have only gotten bigger...), or that we still make a shitload of adventure games, or that Germany still refuses to agree to the shitty EU bullshit about saving telecommunication data, OR THAT WE HAD A MANY GLORIOUS LEADERS IN TIMES PASSED! cup, pah.

  4. #691382014-01-26 09:46:05 *Rune said:

    Hitler is definitely what Germany is known for the best. Even Tenzin from freaking Tibet knows about him.

  5. #691442014-01-26 10:27:29 *johan_5179 said:


    Germany is known for the most amazing beer in the world and the beautiful large mugs it is served in. It is also, i think, the most affordable among all the other major countries like the UK or France.

    Also, it is known for being the intellectual capital of the western world starting with Wittenberg during the Renaissance and even more recently with people like Marx and Engels and Jung and Kant and quite a few others. (Now why did you have to give the world an idiot like Freud, Germany? Why the fuck?)

    The US is known for a crappy M. Night Shyamalan movie? Even the US does not deserve that!

  6. #691342014-01-26 09:24:01Kirn said:

    Ukraine is known for birth control? We aren't fucking China. Wow, this thing is beyond dumb and you should tell the person who gave you this that there is a big fucking difference between information and random imaginary crap.

  7. #691362014-01-26 09:36:20Rinneko said:

    Shoot, that went downhill fast. I didn't know how accurate the information was, so I'm sorry for any rubbish information in there.

  8. #691392014-01-26 09:49:38 *Rune said:

    Well, the map says "What each country leads the World in" so it's not exactly about what it's known for.

    Although I think the US has the most warheads, not Russia.

  9. #691432014-01-26 10:18:19 *Kirn said:

    Although I think the US has the most warheads, not Russia.

    More active, less total. Also, speaking of nuclear warheads, USSR will be forever known for testing the biggest nuke ever because if anyone would test the bigger nuke, the planet may get blown up.

    The problem with the map is that it is.. Oh, so it's "created by three friends based in Washington DC". I guess there's the main problem right there. You see, the map looks like a sort of a joke maps... the difference is it's not really funny and it claims accuracy. But it's more like they googled random facts about countries and then arbitrarily decided what to put. Result is... less than good.

    Oh, and even this "leads the world in" doesn't help much. Simple example - India. Leads the world in movies? No, that's also America - they make more movies, those movies get more money and are more widely watched. However, India is, among other things, KNOWN for movies. So you can see how those fucks botched their own map title.

  10. #691462014-01-26 11:11:48johan_5179 said:

    Pakistan leads the world in field hockey? BS :/ INDIA LEADS THE WORLD IN FIELD HOCKEY YOU FUCKING IDIOTS

    In 1928, the team won its first Olympic gold medal and until 1956, the Indian men's team remained unbeaten in the Olympics, winning six gold medals in a row. In total, the Indian field hockey team has won eight Olympics gold medals, the highest among all national teams. India also won the 1975 World Cup defeating Pakistan 2-1 in the final.

    In 1980, India once again became Olympic champions.

    Unbeaten for 30 fucking years. 30 FUCKING YEARS. Beat that you newfag Australian/German/Danish teams!

  11. #691512014-01-26 11:43:11johan_5179 said:

    Well well well.

    You know how every country has this golden generation, where they're fucking unbeatable and just destroy everyone in their path? Ours ended in the 60's We've had a lousy 50 years since then.

    Pakistan started playing later, which changes a lot of things. Its like how the West Indians have the best cricketing records, but are now a mere punching bag.

    We still have better overall records in all other tournaments, though not head-to-head.

  12. #691502014-01-26 11:40:46Reage said:

    My country is known for nothing....welp shit. I can ounly think of ties,dalmatian dogs,sports,shity polithics and islands.

  13. #691652014-01-26 12:15:45abinit123 said:

    tea and crumpets and scones and tea cakes and rain and clouds and the queen and a magical school for wizards and unicorns and special fairy goblin dogs

  14. #691742014-01-26 12:30:34Taro_Tanako said:

    Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, most European countries really, have pretty awesome castles too! Although our castles are mostly proper military ones used to defend the land rather than those charming and picturesque châteaus.

    We forgot King Arthur, Robin Hood, the rule of law, and THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE too..

  15. #691822014-01-26 15:42:10abinit123 said:

    @Taro_Tanako HOW COULD I FORGET THEM! what about the globe theatre, many awesome 80s glam rock bands, yorkshire puddings, FISH AND CHIPS!.... ERM.... do rom coms count? like bridget jones diary and notting hill.... erm the good navy i guess, paul o'grady plus more talk shows, DOCTOR WHO, SHERLOCK!.... erm i cant think of more right now XD

  16. #691702014-01-26 12:20:05Taro_Tanako said:

    What the hell?! We're known for "Fascist Movements"?? I know Britain has its fair share of eccentric opinions but really? There's been a pretty good effort to keep extreme right-wing movements out of real politics. Sure , they can say what they want but then they can be prosecuted if it's dangerous and hate-filled.

    What about all the typically well known British stuff like Shakespeare, tea, cricket, comedy, fashion, bad weather, the monarchy, sticking our nose into other peoples business, pretending we're more internationally influential than we really are, steam engines, Stephen Fry, being a national of animal lovers..yada yada..

    The UK just wants to be loved yo..

  17. #691802014-01-26 14:13:26 *Lieutenant said:

    @Rune well back in history my country was colonized mainly because of its rich source of spice and tin if I'm not mistaken, and it was one of the main (sea) road for trading, since then a lot of people with different cultures moved in slowly by decades (like from china and India) and live together without racism (equal rights, mixed of race and religions), thus with a really a lot of food varieties, spices, western food and local food, makes it like one of those colourful place you can visit, especially during festive seasons.

    But for now my fav part is how our daily language is mixed mostly with different language of different cultures, like indians+chinese+malays+indonesians+etc (and not to forget probably some broken English too), most of our people are able to speak different languages in just one sentence, which sounds pretty unique (and of course, sorry for my broken English).

  18. #691932014-01-26 19:57:02Rune said:

    Since I know which country you are talking about...

    since then a lot of people with different cultures moved in slowly by decades (like from china and india) and live together without racism (equal rights, mixed of race and religions)

    This is just too funny because it's not true XD

  19. #691942014-01-26 20:13:14Oppaaai said:

    Hahahahaha atheism oooh if people only knew the real wonder of Sweden.

    Other than that picture, Sweden is apparently known for having beautiful blonde girls who is always naked (had two guys from middelschool who moved to Sweden from Germany and got really disappointed.)

    But I would said Sweden should be known from all the fucking retards and all the racism here.