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  1. Art Preference

    #693702014-01-30 14:03:16Spiritedaway said:

    What type of art do you prefer the most? It could be any form of art, anything that relates to it. I mostly love sketching, but I do enjoy painting, playing the piano, dancing, and using Photoshop!

  2. #693762014-01-30 14:44:27 *abinit123 said:

    i like art that is done well i guess, i think i like all forms, but my personal fav is sketching and graphic because they can make such pretty results.... but i do also like mixed media art because it makes it more interesting to look at and adds an extra something XD but tbh i just like art in general :3


  3. #693772014-01-30 14:57:23johan_5179 said:

    Literature and theater. I have no ear for music, no real appreciation for either dancing or painting either. But give me a well-written book or a well-produced play, and I'm golden :3

  4. #693812014-01-30 15:13:09Jacek said:

    As my education suggests I prefer photomanipulations, creating art for advertising, animation, and painting digitally.

  5. #693902014-01-30 16:40:25Kuroba_Loki said:

    Just as @ecstasy said, music, in all its glorious form.

    Also scenic views, and by scenic I mean the ones ranging from views on rooftops and mountains to the views of tiny raindrops falling towards the earth


  6. #694042014-01-30 21:18:34judar said:

    I love dance a lot and I really, really love digital art a lot too! I also enjoy music and prose and poetry catches my eye sometimes.

  7. #694052014-01-30 21:21:53Momimochi said:

    Music, mainly.
    Musicals/Theater performances
    Photography of scenaries

    I would say digital/traditional art but... I don't really feel much attached to that anymore.

  8. #694142014-01-31 02:32:40 *Rinneko said:

    First and foremost, literature. As far as preferences go in fiction, I'm usually reading the futuristic and fantasy novels. In non-fiction, I prefer quantum physics and psychology. Currently Murakami Haruki.

    In terms of music, I like classical concert music. Not piano though, because I don't really appreciate it.

    Lastly, in visual arts, my preference would be semi-realistic art. Marker and watercolour traditional leaves me in awe too.

  9. #694162014-01-31 04:22:17--Jack-- said:

    I love music, but my own preferences in music. Nothing seems to annoy me more than someone trying to make me listen to a band or musical artist.

    As for normal art I like a few things, like well-made paintings (it simply depends on if I like them) and also some good ol' pixelated artwork. Like this from Deviantart's Frontpage:

    Wind Waker GBA Demake

    Also, shouldn't you all be posting examples too? this thread looks bald.

  10. #694182014-01-31 04:46:27 *arnaK said:

    The one I enjoy doing the most is sketching traditional art. When I sketch, I normally do an anime style, however this is just because it is easier and quicker. I want to improve on my realism. My deviantart is emilyfkyes. Here is one of my favourite pieces I've uploaded thus far.

    The one most integrated into my lifestyle is music. I cannot stand the annoying sound of people's voices when I'm on the bus, so I enjoy drowning it out with music. Although I enjoy all genres, my favourite which I will never get sick of is indie. I enjoy indie rock and indie electronic the most. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Tokyo Police Club, Death Cab For Cutie, Nightbox, Dog & Panther, Metronomy, and many others. My two favourite bands of all time would have to be a tie between Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes. I play the drums and the guitar, and I enjoy singing although I am not a singer. My forte is the drums. I'm subpar at guitar. Here are some of my favourites.

    Tokyo Police Club

    The Strokes



    When talking about what I enjoy the most, the spectrum is simply too broad. There are too many different art forms that have tons of lovely pieces which just make them so unique compared to the next. It's all about the art having its own personality and emotion that we see in ourselves which make us love it so much, regardless of art form. Here is one of the pieces I favourited on deviantart. Her watermark is on the picture; I don't know her and all credit is hers.

  11. #699422014-02-11 11:39:06Rune said:


    j/k I actually like music ie. singing the most because it's the only art form where I don't suck so much.

    The next on the list, I enjoy the art of filmmaking but it's such a pain to do though. Still, it's fun when everything's done I guess but then again, rarely anything would get done because guess what, making a movie is twice as hard as writing a book/short story because well, you have to write the stories first in lit. language, then script, then all the movie making shenanigans, then shoot, then edit XD Which is why there are soo many adaptations from comics or novels these days because it only makes it once as hard lol.

    Then, I also have some experience in drawing, painting, etc but I haven't done anything with my hands that much recently. However, I'm still top dog in Photoshop because I live and breathe it :) Still, I'd love to be able to draw as well as my own skills with PS.

    Also, I'm enamored with the art of Pokemon Battling. Yes, it is indeed art... well, at least going by my definition of art (short version: art evokes emotion). I prefer VGC to any other meta because it's the officially supported meta.

    Oh and one last thing, I also enjoy photography for film, you know, like traditional photo but with a roll of film that runs 24 fps. It's a whole different thing from filmmaking because you can have a bad movie with beautiful shots etc. Some people call it "cinematography" but I hate that word and I really prefer "photography for film" because hey, they call the boss for it "Director of Photography" yo.