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CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

  1. #696922014-02-04 09:44:13Kirn said:

    Well, it was not planned as the biggest chorus in a while... hey, I personally expected a small chorus, actually, for less experiences manager and editors! But hey, as I said, we have time to work on this. And with this many singers already, there is something I want to ask you now.

    UPDATE 04.02

    While discussing the project, @Ecstasy proposed an idea of changing lyrics. Reworking them a bit (or a lot )) to make them more CL-related. Doing that would give us somewhat more original song, however, it can make singing harder. As far as I know, a lot of people record themselves while listening to the song in their headphones, and having to sing words different from what they would hear can mess up the process a bit. There can be a way around it - by recording the reworked version and making you use that while you record your own... So anyways, I need your opinion on this - should we try to rework the song to fit CL more, or is it fine as it is?

  2. #697342014-02-05 17:14:53Ecstasy said:

    @Aerosin @AnimeShifter @CloudVariasKira @Dec @Gargron @hellstorm901 @--Jack-- @johan_5179 @Kip @Noodle @olivaisfire1997 @Seal @SirTingles @Taizu @Taro_Tanako @squareof3 @ZachA97 (sorry if I ping someone who already gave their opinion).

    Guys, we need more opinions on the lyrics. Do we change it to something more CL-oriented or not? It'll affect the way you have to sing it. Many people use the original song while they are recording, so you might not have one if we change the lyrics (or rather some parts of it you'll have to do without a clear example). We could ask someone to make a sample recording for others to use, though.

    Anyway this needs to be discussed.

  3. #697362014-02-05 17:20:48--Jack-- said:

    I think changing the lyrics would, honestly, make the song silly.

    Sure "Still Alive" is meant to be a silly song in that it's Glados talking of killing you casually while "doing science" but that only fits because it's Portal. Trust me.

  4. #697412014-02-05 18:37:42hellstorm901 said:

    I think it's best to keep the lyrics as is. As you said if you change them you would essentially need someone to sing the whole new song in a way you liked and then let others listen to it in order to establish how they should be singing it too.

    Unless we have a user here prepared to do that @Dec (heh heh) then it's best to just use the original lyrics that everyone is familiar with.

  5. #697422014-02-05 19:13:03johan_5179 said:

    Changing the lyrics in order to make it more CL oriented is a good idea, but one with an exceedingly difficult application. Its a risk as well.

    The song was chosen because, well, the title in itself speaks about certain events in recent CL history, changing the lyrics means changing the existing rhythm of the song and poses another problem of singing the song again to use as a model. Basically what hellstorm said in the previous post.

    I suggest that we stick to the original lyrics.

  6. #697442014-02-05 19:59:01 *--Jack-- said:

    We should have some sort of...polling system to see what CL users prefer about the lyric change...

    If only we had some sort of polling device here on CL...

    Edit: Welp...I'm still on the fence about singing, but I can guarantee I won't if we have some new stuff for lyrics.

  7. #697492014-02-05 21:05:03Ecstasy said:

    @--Jack-- sadly poll system in its current condition is easy to manipulate with alts. and as Kirn said we need opinions, not numbers, so no poll this time.

  8. #697462014-02-05 20:06:59Kirn said:

    What? Polls? You think this is some sort of democracy we have here, don't you?! Nonono, this is my thread and here we are totalitarian!
    Plus, voting system sucks and you can't see users who vote and quite honestly I am more interested in people reasoning for or against that idea than in how many want or don't want that.

  9. #697472014-02-05 20:10:40Cloud-VK said:

    I like the idea of more CL oriented Lyrics; I think it make for a special chorus. And If it would just mean that someone would have to take the lead and the rest of use following suit then I think it wouldn’t be too difficult to do. Though, I also think we'd probably screw over the songs rhythm with our own. Anyhow, It’s something we could probably do. Though, I also like the way it is now, so for this I’m going to say we keep the current lyrics.

  10. #697482014-02-05 20:46:51Cenica said:

    I think we should leave the chorus lines as is. Changing them might make the song more unique but it would also take more time and make things more difficult. Imo it's enough to know that the song "Still Alive" is being sung in celebration of CL's anniversary. Kind of like a theme (of still going on) rather than personally directed to the site.