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CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

  1. #716462014-03-20 22:02:42Taro_Tanako said:

    OMG! It's amazing! I've played it about 5 times already (and cannot stop myself from singing along). Brilliant work everyone! ^_^

  2. #716502014-03-20 23:58:08Taizu said:

    It sounds lovely! Thank you to everyone who managed and sang in the chorus, and Happy Birthday, CL! I'll be playing this nonstop for a while.

  3. #716542014-03-21 05:30:08Rinneko said:

    Once again, thank you to @Kirn and @Ecstasy for their dedicated hard work, to all the singers for their welcome participation, to @TeruShinozaki for the CL lyrics, and to everyone else who followed this thread. It was a lovely chorus experience! :D

  4. #716702014-03-21 17:36:32Kuroba_Loki said:

    When I was mentioned here, I wonder why i were.

    Then I watched the vid out of curiosity, and listened to the song~

    I loved it

    Good job you guys~


  5. #717842014-03-22 21:59:56 *Kirn said:

    To tell the truth, Loki wasn't in the first draft of the editing. But he worked in nicely. Surprisingly, adding him allowed us to, let's say, bypass a few design problems. Really, just by adding one more person, yes.

    It was actually pretty interesting to do this from the inside instead of poking people from the outside like I usually do. Good experience all around.

    Oh, and another thing. If nobody would mind I would like for this thread to stay stickied till the end of month. Unsticky it on 1st or something. Well, unless we would need the space on the top of the page - then take this down, we are very much complete and happy already )

  6. #718082014-03-23 06:15:46TeruShinozaki said:

    Good job to everyone who participated! This is probably one of my favorite CL choruses to date! In fact, I like it so much that I am just kicking myself in the shin over the fact that I didn't join in the singing! So really, awesome job, especially to the organizers who managed to complete the project so quickly and smoothly. I'd love to see more choruses planned by these three, for sure!

    (Also, that bonus track made me really happy!)

    Happy birthday, CL!

  7. #722322014-03-30 08:09:10Kirn said:

    Unstickied now, so one final bump for those who for some reason might have missed this thread and/or the video.