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CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

  1. #701812014-02-17 20:19:00Kirn said:

    @Teru , well, you made the name of the channel too long, that's why the header is not right. You should have done 4 letter name or something. Still, I can photoshop it. But I think you have 2 screens missing. I don't see anything from line "But there's no sense crying over every mistake." to "For the people who are still alive." and also there's no last part from "And believe me I am still alive." to the last "STILL ALIVE". Please add those when you have the time.

  2. #702502014-02-19 09:50:02Noodle said:

    I'm just recovering from a flu. I'll try to record tomorrow and hope my voice isn't more horrible than usual :3

  3. #703412014-02-21 09:26:40 *Kirn said:

    Indeed it will. And, while we're at it, here's a new ping for all you people who didn't make recordings yet.

    @abinit123 @CloudVariasKira @Dec @--Jack-- @Kip @MrTrain @olivaisfire1997 @Seal @squareof3 @Taizu @Taro_Tanako
    I am also waiting for @Aerosin - don't make those screens go to waste!

    Another weekend is coming, so it's another good time for you to make the recording.
    Now, if you can't/won't make it at all, I really would like you to mention that. If you absolutely will make a recording very soon, but for some reason can't make it this weekend (I am talking about a particular person here), again, do write us about it - we can figure something out, maybe extend the deadline a bit. Maybe even extend it a bit just for you personally.

    Remember, the science must be done! So want to see those missing recordings and screens!

  4. #703692014-02-21 18:12:25 *Aerosin said:

    I'm gonna record now, I'll inbox you later with the recording EDIT: my little brother brought his friends over, the recording will be done tomorrow

  5. #703702014-02-21 18:27:37 *--Jack-- said:

    Now, if you can't/won't make it at all, I really would like you to mention that.

    Yeah. Go ahead and count me out. Sorry for the inconvenience, @Kirn.

  6. #703582014-02-21 13:50:22Kirn said:

    No worries. I kinda expected it to be common mistake, because we always did choruses the same way, for years now, and now I am adding something different to the process.

  7. #703672014-02-21 17:16:16Kirn said:

    Ah, great news that. Not only you will be feeling better, but I will most likely not have to extend the goddamn deadline! Win-win ))

  8. #703852014-02-22 02:20:49 *MrTrain said:

    @kirn My recording

    oh an I found this old thing from 2010, I did a cover of still alive back then. Doesn't sound that great and dang was my voice really that high before? but it's interesting :)

  9. #703942014-02-22 09:29:50Kirn said:

    @MrTrain thanks for the recording! Will be waiting for screens now.

    And I didn't expect anyone here doing their own cover of this very song before. Nice )

  10. #704612014-02-23 09:21:20Kirn said:

    Depends on what you mean. Post? I don't think it's ever too late to post something. However, if you are talking about recordings and screens - you have one day for that because deadline is tomorrow.

  11. #704842014-02-23 21:30:29 *Kirn said:

    It's now almost midnight 23.02 for me. Those who still didn't send their recordings and screens have 24 hours to do them.

  12. #705132014-02-24 14:19:30Kirn said:

    Heh... Yep, I pretty much expected for it do become most hectic right before the end. Anyways, will be waiting for your missing stuff.

  13. #705332014-02-24 23:08:49Kirn said:

    @CloudVariasKira okay, I got this downloaded. However, I can't see a bit of lyrics. I think, you are missing screen number 7? with lines after 'and tore me to pieces'. Not sure of we will be using those, but anyways - if you got them, upload those too.
    Also, for some reason, even with channel name being 4 letters, the head part got messed up.. hmmm.. weird, but anyways, I guess i will have to just fix this.

    To all the deadline is now over, so you can stop writing me PMs. However, I am still waiting for one person who promised to send his stuff, and you know who you are, but don't be lenient about it, because Ecstasy pretty much started the work already. As we go along, I will update the final list of participants.
    So, for now - thanks to all the singers, and I hope we will have more things to update here soon.