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CL is Still Alive CHORUS project! HUGE SUCCESS! Video done +bonus track.

  1. #705462014-02-25 01:27:42Kirn said:

    @MrTrain I am sorry to say, you got the right idea, but that is the wrong chat. I need the DC's version for visual purposes, with message of you being online, and the right background color and all. Here's the link that would give you the channel with the same name on the right chat version link.

  2. #706082014-02-26 01:22:14Kirn said:

    @CloudVariasKira got it, all good now.

    So. Once again, thank you to everyone who sent their stuff. Sorry to those who are late. Right now I can't say for sure how much time it will take, but already the work is being done at incredible speed and with great dedication!
    As it is with all choruses, right now we are having sound mixing stage, after which there will be video-making stage. Oh, and even I will do some work in-between those. So, it will be a three-step process, and something I hope we will all enjoy.

    Anyways. Edited the third post of the thread, so there's the final list of singers there now.

  3. #706122014-02-26 06:28:03 *Rinneko said:

    Thank you for effort put in to the recordings, and compiling of the screens, everyone. :) I hope you all enjoyed singing, and we will do our best in bringing you the completed chorus.

  4. #709182014-03-05 10:22:25Kirn said:

    Since I forgot to add 25.02 update to first post, did it now. No new info there, so it's just to keep things in order. I am quite excited myself. Worried too about how it will turn out in the end. So... gotta get back to work, still a lot to do )

  5. #711652014-03-11 19:34:29Ecstasy said:

    Welp, here goes a little update.

    Looks like we are done with all the preparations for the vid (audio included), so all what's left now is to put it together. While we are at it, here are a couple of fun facts (not pinging anyone, just posting it for the people who follow the thread):

    • CVK sounds tired of life. I mean real tired. Completely tired.
    • Good I was able to use Gargron's recording afterall, nice job on that one.
    • I pretty much edited and arranged johan_5179 vocals as female ones.
    • Kid has the most bass in his voice in the chorus, but sadly not a single note hit. But really, nice bass.
    • Kip has the best recording of all. She is pretty much Glados v2.
    • SirTingles has some nice voice tone, too bad he had to record with the cold.
    • Taro_Tanako and Kirn's voice tones are very similar. The pronunciation makes them sound different though.
  6. #712352014-03-14 01:05:40Kid said:

    "Kid has the most bass in his voice in the chorus, but sadly not a single note hit. But really, nice bass."

    So i cant be in chorus? ; - ;

  7. #712492014-03-14 09:08:54Kirn said:

    Everyone who sent their recording, is in the chorus. We didn't have audition, you know. However, how much of you is in the chorus was based on how good or in tune you are. Obviously, Kip has the most lines, but everyone who is listed in the third post of the thread has a number of them.

  8. #713162014-03-15 23:25:34Ecstasy said:

    it's not really like that xD she just has a little bit more presence in the audio, but I tried to kinda even in out. just wasn't as much possible with a couple of low quality recordings.

  9. #714072014-03-17 08:38:28 *Taro_Tanako said:

    @Rinneko lol..points for efficiency there..dissed Kirn and me in one shot :P

    What we all lack in pitch perfection we make up with enthusiasm ^^

    So excited still..big thanks to you folks for making the time and effort..we loce you guys!

  10. #714102014-03-17 09:50:06Rinneko said:

    Oh no. I didn't mean in an insulting manner. It just does not naturally occur to me to relate Kirn with the word 'angel'. Both of you have great voices! ;A;

  11. #713052014-03-15 17:04:21Rinneko said:

    I'm working on the video now. Nothing special to share on this end, although the details involved do make me wonder how YouTube editors find the strength to churn out AMV after AMV. I have to give much credit to their passion.

  12. #713142014-03-15 22:39:47 *Kirn said:

    Since I was the one to work directly with screens you sent me, here's my short list like the one Ecstasy did. So, here goes.

    • Aerosin and Gargron had the best screens to work with - done in a single file.
    • SirTingles wrote lines a bit differently from the rest - not just copy-pasting them.
    • Gargron, while having good screen in the end, was the most frustrating in making it. Also he somehow got a different fond in his bubbles.
    • Kip was a bit sloppy with her screens. I won't say how exactly though.
    • CloudVariasKira has the weirdest screens. Somehow, they are the only ones not only with different fonts but also with bubbles and icons being smaller that of all the rest. I honestly have no idea how it was done.
    • MrTrain's chat bubbles are, obviously, the most unreadable and those screens did the most damage to my eyes.

    Well, that would be my list. And, as Rin said, we are now in video-editing stage, so expect to see the result here soon!

  13. #714312014-03-17 17:51:11Kirn said:

    @Kip you know, most of my editing for this was done in Paint. And just a few Photoshop features were used for smaller parts of the process )

  14. #714352014-03-17 18:20:10 *Kirn said:

    Sony Vegas, I believe. While there was still nothing to edit, she took time to get familiar with it and play around with effects and whatnot.

  15. #715582014-03-19 15:54:37Kirn said:

    Just a quick update. Remember how I said, that this will be done not later than 21th because that's CL birthday? Well... yes, it will be done on time! We are at the very final stage of the editing, with everything pretty much being ready. So, the very next update from me will be the post with the video itself - tomorrow or on the very 21th.

    There also will be a small bonus - not yet sure if that will be on the same post with the video, or a bit later, but yeah, the video will not be the only thing we will present here.

  16. #716232014-03-20 17:45:13 *Rinneko said:

    My 'fun facts', though not as interesting as Ecstasy's, with regards to the video:

    • CloudVariasKira, hellstorm901 and Teru's colours are remarkably similar.
    • Kid and Taizu's colours are both pastels, so they compliment one another nicely.
    • johan_5179 and Kirn's usernames are next to each other.
    • CL is a colour riot once you gather such a varied bunch of users in one video.

    I can't think of anything else that the others have not mentioned, or will not spoil the chorus so I will end here. I hope that you will enjoy the completed chorus, and...

    Happy birthday, CL! \o/

  17. #716342014-03-20 20:39:04Kirn said:

    The video is done! With incredible dedication, we are finishing this project within the set deadline right before the CL birthday. I thank everyone who participated in editing, singing or even just supporting this project from afar. And so I present to you the CL "Still Alive" chorus:

    Credits are in the description and in the third post of this thread.


    As you may remember, we had a discussion about making original lyrics. @TeruShinozaki even provided us with her very own and very well made version of the lyrics. Now, we decided against it in favor of more easy and known version. Still, we - the editors of the project - did a bit of singing, so yes, this is us performing the more CL-related version of the song for your listening pleasure.

    No video for that one, but here's the link

    I want to thank, once again, everyone who participated. Singers who managed to give us their recordings. I never expect that we would have so many people wanting to sing. And I really want to thank @Ecstasy and @Rinneko for answering my call and helping me with this. They now know what kind of control freak I am ))

    Well, I am quite pleased with how this turned out. And I hope you are too.

    (Updated the first post with this test too)

  18. #716372014-03-20 20:48:28Ecstasy said:

    I had fun working on this, so thank you, guys, for sending your recordings and following the project.
    And a special thanks goes to my fellow project partners @Kirn and @Rinneko