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Parent: 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #695252014-02-02 04:51:27 *n1xx said:


    We apologize for the wait! After more than two weeks' time, we are back with updates concerning the mix and the icon design!

    Medley Mix

    Due to @Momimochi having been very busy, @Fieyr and I are taking the initiative of creating a draft mix, in order to accelerate the process and put less editing weight on Momi.

    This initial version of the mix will be sent to her for approval and necessary modifications. It is only then that the final version will be posted in this thread for recording purposes.

    Such editing time should be between one and two weeks, all depending on the importance of the modifications.

    Icon Design

    Firstly, I would like to thank @olivaisfire1997 and @AnimeShifter for their input on the subject. As a result of their ideas, we've come to a conclusion that meets both designs that were suggested.

    Before enumerating the technical aspects of the design, I'll refer to the following as Video #1 and Video #2:

    Video #1

    Video #2

    The previously discussed icon design will have the following characteristics:

    • A wide rectangle shape. (Like in Video #2)
    • A black space at the bottom, which indicates the singer's name. (Like in Video #1)
    • The singer's name will be written in white. (Like in Video #1)

    And so, to summarize this latest announcement, the official mix is currently in progress and all singers can now submit an image for their icon!

    In spite of this, I invite all registered and potential singers to begin sending in their icon pictures!

    Preferably, please submit an image that is of a minimum 500 x 500 pixel area.

    We thank you all for your participation, and also for your support!