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  1. Berserk Movie

    #69582012-01-16 06:53:47break said:

    there was alreay a thread on this on the old colorless, but sicne nobody remade it, ill start it anew.

    in 2012, the first of a trilogy of a remake of "Berserk" is beeing made. it will be Movies, and wether they will animeate the whole manga depends on the reception. Berserk is a famous Medievil Fantasy-manga which is kidn of a classic. it is amous for its cruelty at times.

    well, just post your opinion on Berserk in General as well as this new Project.

  2. #69842012-01-16 12:31:29ShinRan said:

    Weird 3D and.. They. Have. Lips. )) I like manga Berserk and hope that this will be good too. A little pity that they decided to make a movie, have to wait long for DVD and BR version.

  3. #69872012-01-16 12:47:09break said:

    well yes, the wait is long but the quality is great with movies. also whats wrong with lips?i think the lips suit griffith.

  4. #69902012-01-16 13:13:12ImagineBreaker said:

    Always wanted to get into Berserk but haven't started yet. I know the reception's good and based on how much my brother talked about it I was more tempted, hopefully I'll start collecting the volumes soon.

    When I heard 3D I was actually worried but seeing the trailer I feel at ease, the 3D is done really well and the designs are pretty faithful! Not to mention that cast! Suzaku's (Code Geass) seiyuu voicing Griffith and Guts being voiced by an actual drama actor (was in the Moyashimon live action and played the 2nd Rider in Kamen Rider OOO).

    So yeah, I'm looking forward to it!! Hopefully they are received well so we can get a Berserk reboot XD

    I don't see any problem with the lips either actually.

  5. #70032012-01-16 15:20:46Shirosuke said:

    Personally am not a fan of such animation techniques...

    Still, definitely worth a watch! That song is pretty nice as well.

  6. #70512012-01-16 19:33:35ShinRan said:

    @Ecstasy Really weird)) And it's not about otaku or not. For me Berserk is a good bloody fantasy and then "oh, it's from Japan, haha". Как-то так)