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Parent: What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

  1. #699392014-02-11 09:28:44johan_5179 said:

    Finished recently - The Tatami Galaxy

    Tatami Galaxy is a Comedy-Romance-Slice of Life show with a brilliantly awkward art-style, great character building, witty dialogue and a remarkably handled psycho-babble element which for once does not kill my interest in the show but rather enhances it. Heartily recommended.

    The only criticism is that there is hardly any thematic depth to the show. And it can get a tad bit repetitive at times. The show takes a single element and works its way through 11 beautiful and eccentric episodes to get that one point across, but there is never a dull moment, and while I wouldn't call it a particularly great show, I would say that it is a must-watch, if only to see the ingenious experimentation that the show engages in vis a vis the artwork and dialogue.


  2. #705892014-02-25 16:50:52Ultrahaze said:

    Oh my goodness "The Talk Too Much Galaxy" lolol I totally agree. People have told me it's an acquired taste to enjoy this anime but really despite the mile-a-minute dialogue it's pretty damn amazing! :DDD