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Parent: Recent online purchases thread/ Things that arrived in your mailbox

  1. #699882014-02-13 00:01:26 *9mm said:

    @PigBoss well, Razer products are generally sturdy and bulky, but expensive. It is worth investing if you are a "gamer". I think Razer Deathadder has a proper hype. It is a bit overpriced, but it is pretty solid.

    I tried Razer Taipan, because my brother has one. It feels like Roccat Lua but bigger. I don't find it that comfortable.

    Now, Razer Naga 2012 had some really nice curve to it and it reminded me of older Razer models. It was very comfortable to use, but I couldn't afford one at the time, so sucks to be me.

    The new Razer Naga is less curvy and more bulky, which sucks. Now when a fan of razer naga wants to get a replacement one, they can't.(fuck you razer, stop coming up with bulky designs)

    Conclusion is, if you are into big bulky mouse, Razer Deathadder is a safe bet.

    I heard corsair mice are pretty nice too, but I didn't try any at the moment.