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  1. Castlevania Game Series

    #700062014-02-13 15:57:07 *Ecstasy said:

    Castlevania video game series is one of Konami's flagship series, debuted in Japan on September 26, 1986. Castlevania titles have been released on numerous different video game consoles, handheld game consoles, and PC, several of which have been re-released on multiple platforms and included as part of compilation packages. The games are centered on the Belmonts, a clan of vampire hunters, and their fight with Dracula.

    Konami have been releasing the titles for 28 years now, so as you can imagine the list is huge. I'm not going to focus on each game and I'd rather post my experience with the series.

    I have a long history with Castlevania. When I was a kid I had a Chinese rip off of NES. I didn't come to play the very first game of the series, however (and people say that for its time it was challenging and great). The first game I played was Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. It was the third game in the franchise and most people who played it were disappointed. I can't remember it clearly, but I can say that it's not one of the NES games which I liked enough to actually play it a lot. For the long time I didn't even associate it with Castlevania. I remembered it as Simon's Quest and it was some obscure game I played when I was a kid. I don't think I even finished that one. I remember you had to collect Dracula's parts (who you destroyed in the previous games) and that the game was a bit difficult to figure out but that's pretty much it.

    Then after quite a long time I happened to own a psp. I owned the fat one and the slim version wasn't around at the time I think; my brother still treasures it and it even works. I never really owned many consoles and I'm not much of a gamer either. Yeah, I had a NES (kind of) but once I had my first computer - I played games only on PC. And for a long time Castlevania games were released only on consoles, so I didn't really know much about the series. But when I laid my hands on a psp, one of the games I've found for it was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - a 2D rpg side-scroller and a 15th title in the series. And I have to say I really loved that game and I still love it. The game was released in 1997 for ps1. And I enjoyed playing it so much. I can't even say how many playthroughs I finished. Alucard was my favorite video game character for quite some time, so I started to look for more info and found out that I've already played one game of the series, which was Simon's Quest.

    (I post AVGN vids as an example because I liked his 4 vid review on Castlevania games. He reviews the Symphony of the Night in this episode starting from 02:00)

    It's a bit unrelated, but when I picked up Darksiders it reminded me of Symphony of the Night, because both games start with your character having all abilities and power ups, but then you get raped a little and become powerless and have to level up throughout the rest of the game, so earlier boss fights are kinda more difficult compared to the late game, or maybe it just feels like you are allowed to make more mistakes when your character is stronger.

    Anyway, a couple months back (I was so slow about it) I randomly found a PC port of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on Steam (originally released in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3). To be honest I didn't realize that Konami were still releasing Castlevania games and I didn't expect to ever see a Castevania game on PC. I played the game only a little bit and so far don't have an opinion on it. It seems like a decent game, though. People who weren't following the game series closely or people who haven't played Castlevania games before usually say that it's a good game. The series' fans however seem to be disappointed.

    Now today I've found Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 pre-purchase on Steam which will be released later this month and I have to say I kinda feel excited about it (and it's totally not like I feel this way only because I saw Alucard in the trailer or anything).

    Anyway, here is my story with this game series. I mention only 5 games in this thread which is only a small part of the series (Lords of Shadow 2 being the 35th installment on the franchise), so feel free to post your experience with Castlevania games. Also keep in mind that the plot of the series got carried away from the original game and it's better to perceive the games separately (unless it's a direct sequel). It happens a lot with the game series which were around for so long.

  2. #700082014-02-13 16:22:04Lieutenant said:

    Played Lords of Shadow ultimate edition but still haven't finish yet. I like the gameplay but I tend to get annoy with the fixed camera angle, is the reason why I stopped halfway, but I'll try to finish it though, nevertheless, this thread somewhat served as a reminder for me, almost forgot that I have this game in my laptop.

  3. #700092014-02-13 16:27:18Kirn said:

    Hmmm... you know, I only played Lords of Shadow. At times I want to try out older ones, but I never seem to find the time.

  4. #700132014-02-13 19:27:58DarkChaplain said:

    I'm playing through Lords of Shadow at the moment (with breaks, obviously), but so far it has been an okay experience. It has huge problems with the camera, which is static, though. Also the combat variety is just not exciting.
    Both issues are being addressed by Lords of Shadow 2, which the Demo shows off already.

    The big bugbear with the Lords of Shadow reboot is that it disregards a lot of the earlier lore, changes characters around etc, and it pisses the fanbase off. I know Alkaid definitely doesn't appreciate either game and is getting pissy over them a lot. Meanwhile, I don't find them bad, if flawed. I can certainly see where the disappointment comes from, though.