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  1. Twitch Plays pokemon

    #701442014-02-16 23:12:13 *TalTal said:

    Rather surprised no one's made a thread about it.
    On they've set up a game of Pokemon Red/Blue that everyone can the same time. Why watch the olympics when you can watch 55,000 people try to control the protagonist all at once?
    The experience is somewhere between frustrating and entertaining. If they beat the Elite Four it'll be a miracle.

  2. #701772014-02-17 19:23:06Solis said:
    This is literally my favorite thing at the moment. I can't even watch the stream for more than a few minutes without getting bored (I usually tab out and only remember I'm there when I hear them repeatedly bump into walls), but the idea of nearly 70,000 people trying to make unanimous decisions in a game of Pokemon is hilarious to me.

    I think they're in the Rocket Hideout currently, which is unfortunate:

  3. #702102014-02-18 06:23:55--Jack-- said:

    It's like watching one person play Pokemon while they have a serious spasm every second, all while an earthquake is occurring.

  4. #707632014-03-02 04:26:56Mau said:
    A miracle happened.
    I never expected them to win.
    I never expected them to fucking win.

    Maybe...there is hope in the universe after all.
  5. #708142014-03-02 22:20:00 *Rental said:

    ---Haha... That's interesting; I never expected them to win either, let alone move onto --->

    Pokémon Crystal

    < Democracy Mode >


    "In democracy mode, the channel picks a button input based on the most popular command provided during the preceding 30 seconds."

    Screenie of Polygon Page

    Edit: Sorry for the multiple changes. Since I'm new here I decided to do some experimenting with the formating. 「(゚ペ)
  6. #708482014-03-03 14:35:49TalTal said:

    I'm so glad we've moved onto the best Gen. May lord Omelette metronome us to victory, and keep us from mucking up the Ice Path too badly.