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Parent: 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #701572014-02-17 08:15:13 *n1xx said:

    The Mix is Ready!

    After the long wait, we're finally ready to supply you all with a reference mix which will guide you throughout your recordings.

    Download/Listen Here!

    Furthermore, the lyrics are also available to consult. For those who prefer, there is additionally a downloadable PDF version.

    Suggested Deadline:

    Sunday, March 9th. (11:59 PM, EST.)

    Considering the length of the mix and that it is also midterm month for most of the site's members, we would like to suggest a three-week recording period.

    We ask you to verify your agendas and to let us know if ever a schedule conflict is likely to occur. You may also consult the section below which recommends time-efficient methods for recording long mixes.

    Please post your recordings in this thread, or send them by private-message to either @Fieyr or myself.

    Software and Synchronization

    The recording software that we recommend is Audacity. The audio-capture procedure is quite simple, as much for the experienced and for the beginner chorus singer. If you prefer to use another program that you are more familiar with, it is of no bother as long as recordings are sent to us in the end.

    In order to simplify audio mixing and to avoid editing delays, it is important that everyone tries their very best at recording with a tempo that fits the original mix. A perfect way to do this is by recording while listening to the track with your headphones on.

    Audio Format

    In almost every chorus project, there is unfortunately always a recurring case of wrong audio formats being sent to the editor. We have often seen cases where a non-audio format was sent by a participant, who was then impossible to reach before the deadline.

    To avoid such unfortunate situations, we please ask you to not supply us with AUP file formats. While we do prefer MP3 for its good quality/size ratio, we also accept more sophisticated files such as FLAC or even smaller ones like WAV. (AUP is an Audacity Project File. It is only accessible from your own computer, which contains your raw recording before its exportation into an audio format.)

    File Names

    Again with following the idea of making the job easier for the editor, we recommend recording in seven parts, each one representing a song featured in the mix.

    The suggested presentation is as follows:

    1. Wonderwall.mp3
    2. Dream_On.mp3
    3. I_Believe_I_Can_Fly.mp3
    4. Sweet_Dreams.mp3
    5. Pokémon_Theme.mp3
    6. We_Will_Rock_You.mp3
    7. Never_Gonna_Give_You_Up.mp3

    You may instead use the track number to name your files, instead of the songs' titles. As long as we can ideally receive them separated in seven parts included in a ZIP-formatted file.

    Many file-hosting websites can be used to link to your recordings. The following are a few examples:

    Optional Recording

    Most of the songs featured in this mix feature harmonies. However, such parts are not mentioned in our official lyrics due to them not being an obligation.

    However, whoever would like to attempt recording harmonies for this chorus, may send theirs in without a problem. Ideally and as mentioned in the section above, it would be preferable to name the harmony files according to the song they belong to.

    While recording harmonies is a fun challenge, please don't forget that the priority is to first supply the general recordings.

    Being Efficient (Suggestions)

    We have three weeks and a mix of seven songs to record. How to ideally spread out the work in this given time?

    Assuming that you have the same amount of time available during all those three weeks, it would probably be a good idea to record at a pace of 2-3 songs/week. Such scheduling will prevent unwanted surprises during procrastination, and also give you more time to focus on the recording quality.

    Of course, this is only a recommended guideline(and is personally how I plan to proceed). I recognize that our experienced chorus singers may have their own way of proceeding with such tasks, but please do not hesitate to put this method to the test if you feel that it might help you!

    Icon Images!

    This is a friendly reminder that some icon-images are still due.

    The following is a complete list of singers. Those who are not striked-out have yet to send in their pictures:

    For those whom it may concern, please supply an icon image that is preferably of a minimum 500 x 500 pixel area. Thank you in advance!

    We can do it!

    I wish lots of fun to everyone with their recordings. Personally, I can't wait to get started on mine!

    If ever you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them in this thread or to contact @Fieyr and I by PM!