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People Don't Like Free Stuff! Game Giveaways!

  1. #722082014-03-30 00:48:04DarkChaplain said:


    Interstellar Marines

    The game's currently on a Steam weekend deal for 6,99€, down from 13,99€. For some reason I have a spare copy in my inventory (and I think another key as well?), so I'm giving that spare away.

    Never played it, but saw some Greenlight pitches for the game, and voted it in. They've got mutant land shark things, and apparently some neat voice engine. The game is still in Early Access, but it looks like the devs are working hard on it. The game's been in development for a few years already.

  2. #754312014-05-12 02:19:48 *Wolfangle said:


    ;___; anyone have a free copy of blade symphony? D: im all broke after insisting on buying my visiting sister some food & i forgot that a bunch of people wanted me together T~T im all broke till another couple of weeks now

  3. #810572014-07-30 07:25:00 *Cenica said:

    Natural Selection 2
    Deus Ex
    Beat Buddy
    Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
    Battleblock Theater/ Castle Crashers Bundle

  4. #810582014-07-30 07:38:06 *--Jack-- said:

    OOH, Guys I recommend FEZ if you like side-scrolling puzzle platformers. It's really good!


    I still haven't gotten through all of it, but it's got a lot of playability.

  5. #835712014-10-14 19:23:54MrTingles said:

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Free

    Free stuff, with a little work. It is indeed legit, I made sure to check. Just do some voting for some awards show that you'll never watch and get your Steam Key.

    And even if you don't care for any of the categories or games...IT'S A FREE GAME, GUISE.

  6. #836372014-10-16 21:16:58 *deng said:

    Sadly, 20 minutes after getting the email(for voting prior), all the keys were apparently given away. Well, poo.

    After a day of trying every once in a while, I guess they restocked on keys. Got it. Whee~

  7. #845022014-11-12 12:01:43 *Johtoh said:

    Sorry y'all but i grabbed insurgency! Thanks DC!


    AshitoKenji has taken Risk of rain. He says thank you

  8. #845262014-11-14 03:34:26 *Cenica said:

    Beat Buddy: Tale of the Guardians
    Deus Ex GOTY
    Metro 2033
    Natural Selection 2
    Solar 2
    Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
    These are free games. I already have them for one reason or another. I don't really care who takes them, just hope that whoever does enjoys them.

  9. #887202015-04-13 13:42:16 *Ecstasy said:

    Nope, sorry, you've joined yesterday. I'd only give it to a community member, not someone who joined the site to grab a key and never show up again. This is how this thread works.

  10. #887982015-04-17 20:39:28 *Ecstasy said:

    @Wolfangle check yo PM. Also these keys are for EU region, so you'll have to register a EU battle.net account (I just assume you are gonna go for NA because you are from NA, so I had to warn you).

    @Frey are you sure you can't run it? I might still have a key for you.