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  1. Devolver Digital Appreciation Thread

    #703522014-02-21 13:42:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    Hello, guys and girls. This thread is here to celebrate the existence and brilliance of DEVOLVER DIGITAL, one of, if not THE most BADASS Video Game Publisher there has ever been.


    Devolver Digital, is an American video game publisher and film distributor that is primarily associated with the Serious Sam series. Based in Austin, Texas, the company was founded by Mike Wilson, Harry Miller, and Rick Stults, three of the founders of Gathering of Developers and Gamecock.

    Championing the independent video game scene and culture, the company's focus has turned to nurturing relationships with indie developers and helping to distribute their games across multiple platforms and digital outlets.

    At SXSW 2013, Devolver announced the company's plans to open its film distribution arm, "Devolver Digital Films." Aimed at helping indie filmmakers digitally distribute and promote their films, Devolver is actively seeking completed and near-­completed projects for release under the "Devolver Digital Films" banner.

    So far, Devolver has published the following games:

    • Serious Sam HD: The First and Second Encounter, Serious Sam 3 BFE and further SS titles
    • Hotline Miami
    • Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (which they added Online Multiplayer to)
    • Shadow Warrior
    • Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
    • Sub Rosa
    • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    • Dropsy
    • Gods Will Be Watching
    • Always Sometimes Monsters
    • Foul Play

    They also have the excellent FORK PARKER on board:

    Chief Financial Officer at @DevolverDigital. Enjoys video games and making love to his wife.

    Who comes up with brilliant new marketing ideas all the time:

    Of course, Devolver themselves aren't far behind!

    To close this OP, here's the new trailer for BROFORCE, now available for purchase via the Humble Store:


  2. #703532014-02-21 13:42:54DarkChaplain said:

    Long Live Fork Parker!

  3. #703552014-02-21 13:46:47DarkChaplain said:

    Shadow Warrior!

    And further proof that the latest Bioshock could have been Infinitely better if it had featured Lo Wang and Hoji rather than boring booker

  4. #703562014-02-21 13:48:35 *Kirn said:

    Well, originally Serious Sam had different publisher, I believe. These guys are from HD version only, I think?

    But anyways, I did play Foul Play, and that game had the right stuff, in me opinion. I actually recommend that one. Anyways, they seem like a funny bunch of people.

    I may check out their other games at some point.

  5. #703602014-02-21 13:53:06DarkChaplain said:

    @Kirn They're pretty damn full of humor and very easygoing. In my opinion, this is the kind of publisher the industry needs right now. They don't just hide behind cold marketing speak, but also appreciate other games coming out, stay in touch with the media, critics, let's players, and their customers. They're open and honest, and I can damn well appreciate that.
    They've also been fighting the good fight against copyright trolling on Youtube and co. Seeing them grow a lot lately is awesome.

    And you're right, the original two Serious Sam titles were published by another, they did the HD versions and the re-release of SS2, though, as well as the spinoffs (Double D, The Random Encounter) and were with SS3 from the start.

  6. #721032014-03-27 20:22:59DarkChaplain said:

    Devolver just commented on an article posted on Destructoid, where Peter Molyneux stance on the "indie fad" was featured.

    It clearly shows just how passionate Devolver Digital are, and how Peter Molyneux, father of Dungeon Keeper, Populus, Black & White, Fable and Theme Park as well as the recent Godus, doesn't seem to understand what the Gaming industry has become.

    Dear, Peter. I'm writing you from Moscow... (Just kidding.)

    The gang here at Devolver wanted to offer our thoughts on last night's Destructoid article inspired by Peter Molyneux's comments to CVG, to say that we respectfully disagree, not so much with Mr. Molyneux's own words based on his experience, but in the interpretation that infers that the current indie game "craze" (which we believe is more of a revolution) won't last and is doomed to repeat the same cycle and mistakes of the previous decades. We definitely understand the confusion (and even disdain) by artists and companies who bought into the 'bigger is better" dream - chasing the perceived money and power having not yet realized or remembered how much more fun it is to be small. To create fun games instead of impressive games.

    These tiny teams are making incredibly tight, creative games with tools that anyone can acquire, non-programmers can use and that don't require the hiring of engineering and art departments on a massive scale. The gameplay mechanics... aka the FUN, and even the storytelling of indie games (which are not a genre, by the way) are made by artists who are truly independent and not owned or beholden to some corporate machine that has nothing to do with the art itself. Indies are surpassing the big games on a regular basis, even while 2013 had some of the most awe-inspiring AAA games ever made.

    It's not that one is any better than the other, in our opinion... it's just different types of artists working on entirely different types of projects within this world of digital entertainment we call 'games.' But the core difference, and why we disagree with the idea that this is just a fad or cycle that will repeat itself, is that the basic aspiration of these artists is different. Yes, they are experiencing the excitement of money and opportunity thrown at them, but so far they aren't biting, at least for the most part. These artists are creating whatever they want on their own terms, and that is way more valuable to them than selling out or trying to make something massive.

    We aren’t trying to speak on behalf of the indie community here, that’s not our goal. But what we’ve observed is that these ladies and gentleman of the indie community aren't making small games with small teams because they are trying to prove themselves so they can grow into bigger teams and projects. They are choosing to do what they do because they love it. They aren't competing in secrecy but rather openly collaborating, lifting one another up and inspiring one another. Gamejams!!! And while many of them are doing incredibly well financially, that's not the point, or certainly not the main point. Which we think is what is quite different than the past, at least to our eye.

    So, while we agree that time is a flat circle and all that, assuming that Devolver Digital or any of these new star developers aspire to become a triple-A studio is like assuming that rappers or DJ's (both also fads or "crazes" right?) wish they could be rock bands or orchestras. That Wes Anderson wishes he were Peter Jackson. That Oculus wishes they were Faceb-... nevermind. That Devolver wishes we had an office and a secretary.

    The point is that this isn't a fad; these are the fruits of the breaking down of the brick-and-mortar, corporate driven machine via the miracle of digital distribution (thanks, Gabe!) and therefore are easy, global and accessible for the fans to find whatever they want, not what's being fed to them en masse. The Internet happened. Social and mobile gaming happened. These things aren't going away.

    The one point of the article we strongly agree with is that this is indeed a Golden Age for games of all sizes, and we are extremely happy for all the artists, publishers and platforms who are finding freedom in getting small and staying small (and privately held). Video games have blazed a trail of innovative technology, impressive digital feats and given us this glorious industry we call home. Here’s to many more years celebrating games big, small and indie.

    Team Devolver

    ** This message was not approved by Fork Parker and does not in any way reflect his views on making fat stacks of cash. **

  7. #752702014-05-09 23:02:26gawd_daym said:

    They seem like a really good video game publisher. I will play some of their games. I'll probably recommend shadow warrior to some of my gaming friends.