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Parent: What anime are you watching right now? Would you recommend it to others?

  1. #705882014-02-25 16:47:45 *Ultrahaze said:

    Okay i've debated whether or not to talk about this lol. Around a couple months ago I had obtained 3 volumes of obscure films created by Comix Wave. Now I had only bought it as a present to my friend a couple months ago so I never actually watched any of it.

    (Oh btw the in case not many of you many know what comix is popular for they've produced movies by Makoto Shinkai like Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second, and their recent anime movie Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Go watch some of these if you have time! They're all amazing!)

    However while I was wrapping up the dvd bundles there was this one anime I saw that was interesting. Keep in mind most of them are shorts films. Does anyone know anything about it? It's called Coffee Samurai but from what I've seen I've been hesitant to watch it...but I don't think anyone's watched it. OTL Anyways I listed some pretty nice anime movies if anyone's interested lol.