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  1. Tinychat revival

    #707572014-03-02 00:51:05 *Lycan said:

    Hello everynyan!
    https://31.media.tumblr.com/ded64c450ae51248fd2e18eeea6247b3/tumblr_n1iyczlrHQ1sk3wglo1_500.gif Me and @SirTingles are going to wipe the dust off of the Tinychat channel and hang out in it. I can't predict what it will end up like, but we're going to have a good time. Now, for those of you that do not know what tinychat is: it's a site (on which we have an account, or a channel) where everyone with the password can come in and chat, voice chat and primarily show themselves on webcam. Many of you have been on this channel before, but for those of you that haven't (or those that have just forgotten): to get the password all you've gotta do is PM me or SirTingles or post in this thread that you'd like it, and we will send it to you in a PM. Do not post the password in this thread.

    We're aiming at wednesdays and saturdays. Time zones and real life situations are going to be problematic, but we all deal with that every day already. Basically it would be cool if you would check out the channel if you get the chance.

  2. #707612014-03-02 01:17:52Kirn said:

    As I have been saying for years now, tinychat is the cancer of CL. Never mind the the whole camwhoring idea and all that can go wrong with that. But gathering people on site that already has a chat to go and have a chat on some other site - well, that pretty much kills the activity, thank you very much. Not that I mind the quiet chat, but seriously...

    Oh, and...

    Hello everynyan!

    ...is pretty much the most pathetic start to anything.

  3. #707652014-03-02 05:34:12 *DarkChaplain said:

    Fuck off. Chat is doing well most of the time, so hey, let's go drain activity in favor of some more camwhoring!

    Seriously, you can't even be arsed to participate on the regular chat or the forum and vanish for weeks before checking back in for 3 words on the side, but hey, who cares, let's go show off on tinychat and be even more retarded than usual!

    And keeping the password "private"? Yeah, that's TOTALLY gonna work out well. We haven't seen people throw around passwords for such stuff on chat in the past, no, we totally haven't.

  4. #707752014-03-02 14:25:15Jacek said:

    Wow. I wake up to this garbage.

    First, if it's anything like it was back in the day or even back just a few years ago, it's going to be shit. It's just going to be a bunch of people sitting there thinking others want to see them. But I know it's not going to be just that because I've already heard Tingles' awful, awful ideas about staff FAQs and informal questioning shit.

    Seriously, you can't even be arsed to participate on the regular chat or the forum and vanish for weeks

    And this. Lycan, you're actually worse than n1xx in this. She at least does somethings with the singing things, you just come back and don't contribute anything. And this thread is not contributing anything, someone else would have made it if you didn't.

  5. #708152014-03-02 22:55:42 *Mau said:
    Wow, the rain on the parade is more like a typhoon on this one, like really, chill out guys.
    Here's the thing though...
    This is probably not going to drain activity, we're pretty good at draining activity without the use of TC. How many times have I gone into chat with people in it and not talking? Even after trying to initiate a conversation and no one replies? Enough times to know that TC isn't going to drain activity or even change anything.
    We can argue that people should just talk more, but you can't exactly force anyone to talk if they don't want to.

    TC isn't going to change anything for the worse, unless somebody does something on TC to scare people off CL forever.
    Then yeah...there's a problem.
    Also, Ponta makes a point how many skype chats for CL users has their actually been? And that didn't exactly do anything to hurt activity did it?
  6. #708162014-03-02 23:12:20PureBoredom said:

    This really isn't a bad idea and I don't see any real problems from it other than what Maudia said about something scaring off people(Which is unlikely). Is it really that bad that people want to do a little more than reading texts? I think it's a nice idea to bring us all a little closer to each other and have fun in general.

    Also, stop using this as an excuse to bash on Lycan and Tingles., so unnecessary and it makes y'all look bad.

  7. #708172014-03-02 23:37:45 *abinit123 said:

    i would also like the password, i think it sounds like it could be fun :3 tbh is chat really that busy? i mean i can die for hours, so it wont change much plus people can do both if you care that much

  8. #708182014-03-02 23:47:48 *Kirn said:

    Skype chats, btw, are also pretty useless in terms of CL. Two exceptions only: mod chat and projects workgroups. And, here's a surprise, we had a shitton of dramas that started from skype.

  9. #708332014-03-03 04:51:58 *Mau said:
    And we've had drama started from chat, the forums, and from PMs as well.
    I don't think location has much to do with it.
    The place in which drama takes place isn't very important, it's more of a who was responsible for the drama in the first place rather than where it took place.

    So yeah, I don't think the location really effects drama.
    Since it tends to happen regardless.
  10. #708192014-03-03 00:08:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    So @SirTingles asked me for my opinion on Skype, and I think I should just copy&paste it here since I summed up a bunch of problems with the idea:

    [00:42:34] Mr.Tingles: I know you're not a fan of the TC thing, but if you could suggest any ideas to make the thing better and actually useful, what would they be?

    [00:50:59] DarkChaplain: no idea, I think its a waste of time and effort and nothing good will come off it. newfags and idiots will try to get more people over, and the kids will camwhore again without having anything interesting to offer to begin with. if I understand Jacek's post correctly, you were looking into having staff Q&As and such, but I think that's a bad idea for tinychat as well, as it is only gonna be a live thing and plenty of staff members won't be comfortable/able to show up on cam or with their voices, and the bulk of people will miss the few times it may happen.

    I don't think the Q&A idea's bad, though, just that tinychat is the worst possible medium for it, due to the live-or-never nature and that it allows anyone to show up on cam and do shit, distracting from whatever serious stuff you might wanna do. its never worked as a serious thing, people tend to zone out and audio overlaps horribly.

    If you want to do Q&A stuff, I'd suggest doing it as a recorded thing maybe once a month with a stickied thread to ask for questions or topics, and pushing people there. then it could be put onto the radio stream for a bit and posted as download on the thread afterwards - at least that way everyone could potentially have a part in it. the radio show idea wasn't a bad one, but Gar and acostoss were horribly unreliable hosts, so it never worked out.

    DC rant over.


    Also, stop using this as an excuse to bash on Lycan and Tingles., so unnecessary and it makes y'all look bad.

    I don't see anyone actually "bashing" Tingles, and criticising Lycan for inactivity and an admitted "I don't care that much" attitude on site issues seems fairly obvious. Heck, he says he reads staff chat, but does he ever contribute or share his opinions? Does he participate in projects? Any projects? How many times has Warlock warned him to get off his arse, but let it slip again because he himself is a busy guy? Lycan didn't even do the Yugioh tournament he said he'd organize, and vanishes for weeks every so often, to the point of neglecting the moderation duties he specifically was tasked with.

    So excuse the regulars who doubt his ability to organize a regular event like this - it would most likely all be up to Tingles, and Emperor knows he's doing a lot already.

  11. #708342014-03-03 04:59:04Warlock said:

    We'll be putting this event on hiatus for the moment. Staff has decided that we will tweak some things to make it a bit more secure, and so that we can make our tiny chat channel a bit more event-controlled. We apologize for those that wanted to participate but were unable to. Also, to those who were angry about the event, we apologize that we were unable to meet your expectations on it. Maybe next time.

  12. #709602014-03-05 23:09:28Hooyen said:

    The first session was much fun, thanks for the laughs. :3


    As you can see, frozen Lycan and Pb striking a similar pose.