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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #708122014-03-02 21:24:20DarkChaplain said:

    Dear ________,

    Just because I have the knowledge and skill required to fix your shit and we're family doesn't mean that I'll jump whenever you need help for easy problems. Especially not if I've walked you through those things plenty of times already, and the way you talk to me when asking for, no, demanding help, makes me not bother at all.

    Fuck, make up your mind! You either want my help and accept that I've got more knowledge on the matter than you and let me do that shit my way, or stop asking me for help if all you do is limit what I can do because your own interest in complex ways to solutions is zero and you don't trust my abilities to not screw things up.

    And for fuck's sake, listen when I explain something to you, and be ready to change your habits to broaden your horizon, rather than wanting the same ineffective ways you always do things. If I tell you how to do things better, trust me with my advice instead of changing the topic and getting stressed out and angry because you can't be arsed to learn how to accept that my authority on the subject by far exceeds your own.

    I'm sick and tired of your attempts to force me to do your bidding and change my own schedules for you. I live my own life, even if you might not get that into your head. You neither know of nor understand my priorities and/or efforts, and my ideologies do not align with your own, as we both know. Stop faulting me for things you neither care about nor understand, just because they don't match up with your narrow, self-centered and fairly disappointing and distasteful views on life and the world. You may pity my decisions and positions because you don't understand, you might fault me for handling things my way and being less rigid than you are, but I pity you for your own way to make yourself miserable. I might not meet your expectations, but neither do you meet mine. Maybe one day I'll try to explain myself to you - again - but I doubt you'll listen or understand, as that seems to be a frequent problem with you. Why bother listening to somebody else's struggles when you can make a competition of who has it harder out of it? So I won't bother. I'm sick and tired enough of this situation as is.

    Tough luck, isn't it?