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  1. New CL Moderators 2.0

    #709502014-03-05 22:26:38 *Warlock said:

    Our new moderators chosen are @Gwynn, @Cenica, and @--Jack--

    Please congratulate them, wish them luck on helping better CL, and give them motivational support!

    • EDIT: APPS CLOSED-------------------------------------------------

    Yes, hello! Do you think you have what it takes to be on staff? What we're looking for are users who will be active, able to plan events, and represent CL in a positive light. If you think you have the right stuff please PM your applications to @Warlock. DO NOT PUT YOUR APPLICATION IN THIS THREAD! Apply only if you feel that you will meet the criteria above! We need dedicated staff. Thanks guys!

    The application format is as follows:

    1.) What timezone are you?

    2.) Why are you applying for the role of moderator?

    3.) What do you think you can bring to the site as a moderator?

    4.) Describe your hobbies

    5.) How would you help to improve the current atmosphere in CL?

    6.) Will you have the time to dedicate yourself to the site, and can you attempt to organize and plan events?

    7.) What is your Skype name? (We will be using only Skype to communicate in staff conversations.)

    The deadline for moderator applications is 03/14/14.

  2. #709652014-03-05 23:53:53Kirn said:

    Well, I am stating here that I am NOT applying for moderator. Would be a waste and I don't have time for it anyways.

    I may be persuaded, however, to take the admin position. I feel that would be much more beneficial for many parties.

    To help you sleep calmer, you are allowed to think I am joking.

  3. #709662014-03-06 00:04:15DarkChaplain said:

    Since it was brought up on chat last night already:
    I second @Kirn's point on the matter. I have no use for the mod position at this point, and don't even want to bother with staff stuff. I do projects where I see fit to organize them, and I get my feedback and advice in regardless of formal titles. A third term as moderator feels unnecessary. I think I have made that clear enough through words and deeds in recent history as well.

    Rather than make my own plays for power, I am content with sponsoring promising candidates. Jack is one of those. You know I watch chat and forum activity, and I believe Jack would do very well based on what I've seen of him since he joined. If CL wants a new reliable, stable and generally helpful moderator who can keep a cool head, Jack's a prime candidate.

    (I'll still take an admin job if offered, though, even if just to see people bitch and moan over it)

  4. #710382014-03-07 19:01:57Noodle said:

    Good luck to the people applying. I hope you will treat the site with the care and love it needs.

    And good luck to @Kirn and @DarkChaplain. May your halfhearted aspirations of becoming Admin of a halfhearted community come true~

    I have no use for the mod position

    Everyone. Ask not what your site can do for you, but what you can do for your site.

  5. #710412014-03-07 19:25:11 *DarkChaplain said:

    The same I can do from outside of staff. And lord knows, I've done plenty in the old days already, I think I deserve a bit of rest :V Now if only some of the current staff members would get their arses into gear, or maybe even show up regularly... that'd be a bright future right there!

  6. #713352014-03-16 03:03:23johan_5179 said:

    @DarkChaplain How the fuck did it end ? It was 3:30 am for me and I was very low on patience so I left just as Jack came in, so please tell me how was that thing ended.

    On a related note, let it be said that I, johan, was the first to recognize @--Jack-- 's talent by giving him the johan-seal-of approval. He is the only person on site to recieve it yet. I voted Jack months ago, beating everyone else to it. Suck on my foresight, bitches