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Parent: 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #711122014-03-10 05:27:00n1xx said:


    After three weeks of recording time and much feedback from the participants, we have decided on a new deadline that fits their requests.

    Some asked for an extra day, while others preferred close to a week's supplemental time. We have decided to supply the latter, in order to encourage everyone's maximum participation!

    The deadline extension is as follows:

    Friday, March 14th (11:59, EST)

    We have chosen this date because it regroups the entirety of what has been asked as an extension. It is a great pleasure for us to supply extra time for the singers, as we know they are working their hardest to be part of this chorus. :)

    As a friendly reminder, you may find the Reference Audio and the Lyrics by consulting the two links below:

    For more information about the technical details of the chorus, such as recording software or file hosting of the sound clips, this former announcement post should be able to cover those numerous aspects.

    Icon Images!

    This week, @Fieyr will begin finalizing the icons that are to be used in the chorus video. While not entirely obligatory, it would help accelerate the editing process if all images were supplied before the extended deadline.

    The following is a complete list of our singers. Those who are not striked-out have yet to send in their desired pictures:

    For those whom it may concern, please supply an icon image that is preferably of a minimum 500 x 500 pixel area. (As we aim to use remastered versions of the songs' original videos, high-quality images for the icons are definitely preferable.)

    Mixing Draft

    In the meantime that we are to receive the remaining recordings from the singers, we will begin cleaning and synchronizing all that has already been supplied to us.

    As there is much work in those steps alone, along with creating harmonies from some of them, we guarantee that this extension will not delay the editing time that we had planned from the beginning(approximately two weeks for the audio).

    Once the extended deadline has passed, and that we have all the necessary sound clips in our possession, we will finally be ready to finalize the audio aspect of this project.

    In other words, the current deadline extension will not be diverging from its initial mixing schedule, and the final result should be delivered in acceptable time. ♥

    Special Thanks ♥

    As the chorus managers, @Fieyr and I would like to thank all of the participants who have made, and still are, making countless efforts to bring forth this project's potential. We cannot thank you all enough for your constructive support and honesty.

    We both wish you a great experience with this chorus and hope that you will all have had a fun experience out of it, as much as we surely will. :)