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    #712082014-03-13 05:30:25 *Momimochi said:


    This is a thing that's been happening on facebook and youtube lately everywhere so why not make it a thing on CL. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, it's rather simple; in fact, I will write out a guide for you guys right now. The general concept is that you get nominated to do a song and you post a video of you singing it.


    • You have 48 hours after being mentioned to whip up a shit cover of a song. The song should be at least 30 seconds long.
    • Post the clip of the cover on this thread, as a subpost to the nomination post for the sake of organization.
    • Post your nominations as an actual thread post and not a subpost, again, for the sake of organization.
    • The clip does not have to be a video clip, a vocal clip would suffice.
    • Only nominate two users at a time.
    • Please wait until a user has already done the prior nomination before nominating them again.
    • You may only nominate someone if you have been nominated and have done your end of the deal.
    • You can do whichever song you feel like doing, however, it must be done specifically for this; no editing.

    Now, since I'm pretty sure I'm going to get people asking me how to do a subpost
    Click on the timestamp above the comment you wish to reply to and you're good.

    And to kickstart it, I NOMINATE @PONTA AND @KIP Don't kill me I love you guys

  2. #712092014-03-13 05:50:39DarkChaplain said:

    The song should be at least 30 seconds long.

    So... I could actually pick Yoko Ono by Die Ärzte?

    Either way, sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing the nominations spiral out of control

  3. #712522014-03-14 09:59:48 *Kip said:

    i can't do subposts to OP posts...

    i have no time during the day anymore to do shit so i recorded this at night (lmaoatnight more like 5 in the morning).

    enjoy my whispering because people are frickin' asleep still. as the rules say, it's all in one take, and it's shitty. i had to use the amplify effect in Audacity to make sure it was loud enough and yyyyeeeeaaaah the quality of this is everywhere so I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD @MOMIMOCHI.

  4. #712762014-03-14 20:00:51Momimochi said:

    Do it anyways; it doesn't have to be good. It's just something that's goin' around and yeah. Just remember that you're not alone in not sounding good without edits becauselawlsoundinggoodwithoutedits