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Parent: 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #712992014-03-15 04:23:50 *n1xx said:

    Mixing is in Progress!

    We are proud to announce that we are finally ready to begin the official mixing of the chorus. On behalf of @Fieyr and myself, we would like to thank each and every singer who have supplied us with their recordings, despite having been very busy. Your dedication means a lot to us. ♥

    For the singers who have not made the extended deadline, hope is not yet lost. Considering that we're planning on finalizing the mixing, by the end of next weekend, we are still accepting late submissions until no later than next Friday, the 21st of March. More than 75% of the mix should already be done by then, but we will make sure to find a spot for whoever is willing to participate.

    Overall, please expect approximately two weeks for the completion of the project. We will make sure to update you all, at each step of the way! ;>