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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #713452014-03-16 05:08:49 *johan_5179 said:

    @mizlily Unless you have a perfectly sized armor lying around {do you (OoO)/ }, Good Luck running for extended periods or climbing things in that :) Or carrying stuff like food and more weapons :D Or getting up if you happen to fall in the mud :3

  2. #713612014-03-16 09:11:13Taro_Tanako said:

    It was not uncommon for knights to be pushed over or lose their footing on muddy ground and be unable to get up if swamped. Also, some of them even drowned in mud if face first. Personally, I wouldn't like being in armour with zombies clawing at me. Sure you'd be protected but would they get bored and go away? Nope.