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DRRR!! S2 Confirmed (aka The Colorless 2: Electric Boogaloo)

  1. #714602014-03-18 03:31:38Momimochi said:

    A particularly sweet omake in the form of a chocolate mural was also on display at Bellesall Akihabara UDX (the location of Dengeki Game Festival 2014), showing off Durarara!!’s Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara:

    The fucking struggle for the ship is real. Shizaya`s happening again, guys. You fucking know it when at a fucking event, there is a goddamn chocolate mural of them.

  2. #714952014-03-18 15:17:40 *Mau said:

    It's the one ship that I can't stand.

    It's the one ship that to me is just WAY too over hyped, it's not that great, it's a mediocre match up at best.

    I really do like hatemances when they're written well, but good lord those two are not compatible at all, even for a hatemance.

    Which is saying something.

  3. #714902014-03-18 13:17:03DarkChaplain said:

    There never was, never will be. Grow up and realize that not every couple of friends, rivals or guys with the same haircolor or brand of shoes are eager to sink themselves into the other's butt.

  4. #715552014-03-19 15:31:04Ultrahaze said:

    (insert butt-hurt comments about a sequel for Durarara being released over a sequel for Baccano)

    Meh but really I don't know how to react. We'll just have to see I guess. I hope they clear up that shitty ending lol unless people actually liked it -gulp-

  5. #717542014-03-22 19:11:54Mau said:
    (insert another agreeing of butt-hurt comments about a sequel for Durarara being released over a sequel for Baccano)
  6. #717962014-03-23 04:04:52Ryousei said:

    Only just heard! Awkwardly, not even putting my bets on S2 topping S1, I just hope it doesn't go badly XD So many other series that manage to get S2 do some level of character butchery, it'd be sad to see that happen >_<;

    Although, I hear the twins are going to enter the storyline~~

  7. #718172014-03-23 13:12:28saiya said:
    Yeah Imma Big Fan, Problem?
    Maybe There Will Be More Alter Egos And Virus (Izaya) Will Get More Fan Art :3
  8. #718712014-03-24 01:16:31Teil said:

    Seeing as how I put off DRRR for 6 months after watching the first few eps, I can't see myself getting to into a second season..