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  1. What languages do you speak?

    #716852014-03-22 03:42:50 *Rinneko said:

    How many languages do you speak, and what are they?

    It occurs to me that CL has a variety of users, from different parts of the world. We are likely to speak different languages as well.

    Personally, I speak English and Mandarin Chinese. Singlish, as well, if that counts. I used to be able to speak the Cantonese dialect but not anymore.

  2. #716862014-03-22 03:49:11 *Lieutenant said:

    Malay, English. (As they call it, manglish) I used to speak Chinese and Iban (Sarawak) language when I was small, but not anymore.

  3. #717262014-03-22 14:39:51Lycan said:

    Swedish and english. Bits and pieces of spanish, swedish sign language and some japanese. I prefer to stick to swedish or english, even though I would love to improve my japanese. I should do what @Noodle is doing.

  4. #720132014-03-26 02:09:26Noodle said:

    @Lycan You know what? You Should do what I am doing. And you should bring Chris. It's an experience alright. And I would love your company. I understand you might not be able to though :3 But that is my osusume!

  5. #717282014-03-22 15:12:34johan_5179 said:

    English, Hindi, bits of Marathi and a working understanding of a couple of other regional languages. I could speak,read and write pretty good Urdu but I don't know where all of that went :/

  6. #717982014-03-23 04:07:00Ryousei said:

    Is there a poll around? A bit curious what kind of stats we'd end up with! hahaha

    Personally, I suppose I speak Eng, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese, with varying degrees of proficiency XD;

  7. #718122014-03-23 09:13:34Ecstasy said:

    @Rinneko if you wanted to make a poll though, you could put the main languages down (like the bigger ones: english, spanish, french, japanese, mandarin, hindi, german, russian, arabic and a couple of others maybe which isn't that many) and mark all the rest as "other".

  8. #718182014-03-23 13:23:45saiya said:
    English, little bit Japanese, Urdu, I Understand Spanish :/, Arabic, Bits of Russian, German And Chinese~ If Programming Languages Count Then C Java And Basic, In Website Writing Languages HTML and CSS :P
  9. #718522014-03-23 22:30:16squareof3 said:

    English, Spanish, Portuguese( I understand it but i can't speak it really so I guess thats only half knowing it), a little bit of Greek, a little bit of French and Italian, and Im learning Japanese

  10. #718572014-03-23 23:14:44Akidzuki said:

    Hungarian and English. I used to be able to speak German on intermediate level, but I neglected it for the past 4-5 years, so now I'm like a beginner. :/ Also, I'm currently learning Japanese.