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What languages do you speak?

  1. #719042014-03-24 11:16:13Ecstasy said:

    yeah, it still counts I think, it's still a language even if it's dead. I was studying Latin too, but I use it so much these days, that I forget I know it. Oh well. Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis.

  2. #718762014-03-24 02:17:11Domo said:

    English is my first language. I took Arabic in grade school, but I never took it seriously and failed my classes :( but I'm considering giving it another shot. I'm currently taking Spanish lessons.

  3. #718802014-03-24 05:15:54arnaK said:

    English first language. I dropped French after it wasn't a mandatory course anymore (regrets), so after grade 9. I'm half Chinese but my Chinese half of the family, due to living in Thailand and Laos before coming to Canada, speaks a weird clusterfuck of all those languages and Eng mixed together.

  4. #718912014-03-24 09:43:32 *Rinneko said:

    Poll up!

    Feel free to select the languages you can speak, at least conversationally. Of course, posting is encouraged first and foremost, so that we can learn more about you personally. If you fall in to the 'others' category, you can post a reply to share what it is! Always interesting to learn about the many languages in this world. If you want to share what your full language spectrum is, please do the same. :)

    I'll be looking forward to your responses!

  5. #720162014-03-26 02:18:50 *Noodle said:

    If we're allowed to list languages we only understand then;
    Japanese (I'm at the point where I can say pretty much anything I want in one way or another. Even though I may sound stupid doing it)
    Norwegian (I understand)
    Danish (With a bit of effort, I understand)

  6. #1028862016-05-23 14:49:28 *Yugure said:

    We're all required to learn English Language, no?

    Contrary to popular belief, we FIlipinos are well-versed in English more than our own national language - Tagalog.

    That shit is just...deeper in English when it comes to terms, meanings, and grammar. Don't even get me started with our "other" ethnic languages.


  7. #1032992016-06-06 09:37:19 *BakaHime said:

    ikr I honestly don't understand half the original Tagalog words (did you know panginain means browser :0) all I know are the loanwords :VVV

  8. #1028942016-05-23 20:36:16123-456-7890 said:

    I speak the tongue of my people. jk, I'm highly proficient in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Also know a bit of Taiwanese but thats only a spoken language.

  9. #1028962016-05-23 21:59:01 *Enami said:

    -Official Arabic and Informal Moroccan Arabic (which is frankly just a lot of slang with arabic and some french originated words)

    -French (not fluent but enough to communicate I guess)

    -English (not fluent either but still better than my French)

    And well I'm attempting to learn Japanese, I can understand just a bit but I can't list it (hope i can do so some day) as I'm not capable of even coming close to having a decent conversation in Japanese.

  10. #1032422016-06-04 10:00:22 *Biscuits said:
    • English (can read, understand, write and speak effectively)

    • German (can read, understand, write and speak effectively)

    • Japanese (can read, understand, speak and write effectively)

    • Filipino (can read, understand and speak somehow but can't write constructively)

    • Russian (can read and understand some words and phrases)

    • French (can read and understand some words and phrases)

  11. #1032442016-06-04 11:19:41Koushiro said:

    Since I technically speak, I think it'll be classified under "Read and write" - Korean(hangeul) -english(some words that are not too basic, I can't understand) -Japanese(but only a bit since mom taught me hangeul instead of it.)