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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #719862014-03-25 15:48:32UmiYuki said:

    Kinda sad me and some of my friends have already thought out a plan for this...

    If you are inside a building/room, quickly find a place that is safe, even if you are locking your self in a room. Most of the time you see people running around with their heads cut off.. Or you know bit off, this will at least allow you to gather your self and find something around you for a weapon.

    Next I would find a weapon, personally for me it would be something light and easy to swing, nothing that will take like five seconds to pick up and then another ten to hit with. Sure heavy is good since you have to crush their skulls but the speed is a problem, you need to be able to pick it up quickly and attack again if you are on your own.

    After finding a weapon, a being very silent while doing so, since if a zombie is simply relaying on the most primal instinct which is eating then they'll most likely act as a predator and react to sound. Anyway after finding a weapon I would try to remember whats around me, a store, something with supplies that is easy to get in and out of without causing to much of a scene. However, in my current position I would have to move away very quickly from some of the stores, theres a huge mall right there! So right now it would be the schools cafe', the hospital like right next door or the one on the fifth floor.

    Honestly I wouldn't worry to much about clothing but something like light leather thats thick if that makes sense. Shoes would probably be simple sneakers and I would cut my hair pretty short so it wouldn't get in the way and be quick to clean if I get a break somewhere. But for a get away Vehicle... Im kinda for a sport bike since they're small and it would be a lot easier to get through the many trashed vehicles that are mostly likely on the road but then I think about what happens if I hit something so a car would work to maybe outside of the city.

    After getting out of the city I would find somewhere thats locked down, maybe a small city far from the major ones that I can easily move through, killing the zombies I would need to without having at least a hundred after my ass. But really I would keep moving, resting for a few hours in-between the moves and that is how I would live through a Zombie apocalypse!