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  1. Gravity Daze/Rush

    #72072012-01-17 09:47:31 *Noodle said:

    Release June 12th (US) and June 13th (EU) MOTHERF-

    You’ll be playing as Kat, our cel-shaded heroine, who wakes up in a strange city with no memory of how she got there. While exploring the town, she encounters a black cat (clever, huh?), who grants her the ability to control the gravity around her.

    From there, the story unfolds across multiple chapters as Kat uses her newfound powers to not only help a city that’s (literally) breaking apart, but to figure out the mystery of her past and what (or who) has brought her here. Using the PS Vita, you’ll be able to release Kat from gravity’s hold and shift her center of gravity to completely change her perspective and gain access to previously unseen areas of the stages you play in. Whether “falling” towards the side of a tower or virtually any visible surface, Kat can be brought back to a floating state with a simple trigger pull, or be forced back to following the laws of real-world gravity by deactivating her skill, dropping her down to the ground without a scratch. I think you can see how this will give a whole new meaning to the term “world exploration.”

    To understand the gameplay mechanics, watch this video:

  2. #72922012-01-17 23:25:17Xyopq said:

    Having played the Demo, I can say that it's a pretty sweet game. It reminds me of a sane mans Bayonetta.

  3. #76352012-01-19 12:56:11momo said:


    Anime Expo, huge convention in California. As I live in Florida, I'd need quite a bit of fundage to be able to attend.

  4. #154092012-03-01 11:07:29Noodle said:

    @SENsei Are there any unlockables such as power ups, character models, game modes or anything like that which adds to the replayability?