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Parent: 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #723002014-04-01 01:37:26 *MyogiWarrior34 said:


    "@Fieyr has developed an obsession with @MyogiWarrior34's voice(didn't we all though?)"

    Oh dear... inb4 it becomes the revival of the HyzengardFC but with my name this time O_O

    [coughs coughs]

    On PRO-TIPS (for our next chorus)

    I was about to note on the karaoke-tactic-ing the audio but a) I guess you knew that already and b) it doesn't seem to apply to all the songs. AH well. XD

    And only a really slight issue on vocal balancing. Some voices were albeit too thin some were overwhelming. Maybe a few readjustments on compression and amplify to balance them out and have a more whole voice when tons of us are singing altogether at some parts. Oh, also since it's on vegas - you can make them par to where their voices peak (the preview bar) and all should have equal audibility. (just my 2 cents)

    All in all... that project turned out well. Good job everyone. :)

  2. #723022014-04-01 01:41:07 *n1xx said:

    @MyogiWarrior34: Thank you for the pro-tips! They'll definitely help significantly in the future. (I'll make sure to explore those options in Vegas to familiarize myself better with them.)

  3. #723142014-04-01 04:33:34Fieyr said:

    @MyogiWarrior34 - Remember that assassin's creed duet we did forever ago? I've been in love with your voice since then... and actually long before xD

    Great job as always man.