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  1. The List of CL Projects and Events

    #724152014-04-02 10:15:10 *Ecstasy said:

    This thread will be updated to keep a list of the CL Projects and Events. Feel free to PM me if something is missing and I will add it as soon as I can. If you are interested in one of the projects listed here, please, post in the thread dedicated to it.

    The staff has my permission to add information to the thread.

    Ongoing/Recently Finished:

  2. #724162014-04-02 10:15:25 *Ecstasy said:


    Short Story Projects:

    Writing Prompts:

    (Note that these projects have no deadline and you are free to post your entries anytime, multiple entries are allowed as well).


    There is also the CL Literature 2.0 thread you might find useful if you are interested in writing.

  3. #724172014-04-02 10:15:45 *Ecstasy said:


    Chorus Projects:

    CL Podcasts:

    CL Radio:


    If you want to make a chorus but have no audio editor - PM me and we'll try to figure something out.

  4. #724202014-04-02 10:17:43 *Ecstasy said:

    Additional info

    CL Archive:

    For more Projects which we had on the Old CL you can browse the Project Board.

    If you are interested in hosting an event - we have a YouTube Channel and a Steam Community Group. If you have questions about starting a contest or a project, feel free to address any member of the staff.

    See also Twitter | Facebook | deviantART.

    Attempts on CL Merchandise: