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  1. Newfag / Idiot Badge Feedback Thread

    #724422014-04-02 22:21:21 *DarkChaplain said:

    If you have received an Idiot or Newfag badge over the last days, and want it removed from your profiles, please post here.

    If you want to keep yours, please also post here, so we can gauge the happy:unhappy ratio.

    If you have not received either badge, but want one to join the (un)cool kids, please also feel free to post.

    The badges in question:

    This user is a newfag. He/She just joined, and has already made a fool of him/herself. Oh the humanity...

    Certified Idiot:
    This user is an idiot. A moron. A complete imbecile. Take everything he says with a grain of salt.

    Please also feel free to post general feedback on the badge-ideas. Did you like these things happening?

  2. #724462014-04-02 22:27:28Teru said:

    I feel that I have the idiot badge because I didn't did the Sci-Fi story til the end, but I want to keep mine, thank you.

  3. #724492014-04-02 22:43:37 *Cenica said:

    I don't know how I feel about the newfag and idiot badges.
    On one hand there are those that find them funny and would like to keep them.
    On the other hand I think new users might be put off if they receive a newfag or an idiot badge. Even if they don't say anything about it or try to act like it doesn't bother them it could be a front because they don't want to be further insulted for not liking them. Seems too much like bullying in this scenario.
    I think it'd be okay for people who want to keep them to keep them but as for using them afterwards idk. Maybe keep it to an event type of deal.

  4. #724832014-04-03 01:52:48n1xx said:

    Agreed as well.

    If we are to keep said badges, it would probably have to come with certain rules for their use. Which is why feedback is also important from those who are not fond of their past use. Staff can then shape their distribution control in function of what has been reported as displeasing.

  5. #724542014-04-02 22:51:02 *DarkChaplain said:

    For the record: These badges are meant for comedic effect, not to brand new users. I do neither advocate nor support staff handing them to new users like candy. I expect the moderator team to be responsible enough to not use them to bully people, and only give them to people they know who enjoy that kind of humor and don't object to it, like, for example, @Jacek or @Momimochi.
    If a mod uses them to "bully" a new user, said mod needs to be dealt with by the rest of staff, plain and simple.

  6. #724652014-04-02 23:04:09DarkChaplain said:

    We have 10 moderators in place, a lot of which are active and on good terms with most users. There's bound to be somebody a user feels comfortable to talk to about any given issue, badge or not. I have yet to see or hear about staff ganging up on a user they don't like, and issues like these would most assuredly be brought up for discussion on staff chat either way.

  7. #724682014-04-02 23:23:42DarkChaplain said:

    Not that I know of, no. We had a tracking page for mod actions back in the old days when Keri was a mod still, but she got a bit... pissy about it, since she was nowhere to be seen on the lists due to inactivity, and felt pressured. As a result, Gar removed it, and it never came back for staff. I've argued against removal back then, and certainly would like to have a mod-action-log now.

    But honestly, as of right now, I cannot see any of our mods actively going out of their way to bully people. None of them is that petty, and we've got a solid selection right now.

  8. #724642014-04-02 23:02:49Destro said:

    I can take a joke, and i don't exactly try my hardest to not be idiotic; in all honesty i probably earned it. Please keep my badge attached to my profile its a part of the Destro timeline and invaluable to all Destro enthusiasts.

  9. #724662014-04-02 23:10:51Momimochi said:

    "Old chaps" should be honored to get Newfag badge. Kinda refreshes the many years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds ya lot wasted on here.


    And you'll also be an online contradicton.

  10. #724742014-04-03 00:14:44hellstorm901 said:

    I'll keep the idiot one but lose the Newfag one, I don't think that one really applies.

    I'm not a newfag, I've been here some time, I just took a sort of gap year at one point.

  11. #724752014-04-03 00:17:24Momimochi said:

    S/he just joined and has already made a fool of themselves

    Yeah. I think that applies. Even though year back. Still applies. Yeah.

  12. #724772014-04-03 01:12:32Rebel said:

    I don't like this idea.... Newfag badge is a useless badge, cause who is gonna remove it when you're not new anymore... (lame reason Ik, i just don't like this badge and would like for it to be removed from me)...

    Idiot badge is also a bad idea unless you give it to everyone on cl, cause everyone makes mistakes and that doesn't mean you should be given a badge for it....

  13. #724852014-04-03 02:25:34 *Mau said:
    I dunno if you should be saying this while having that idiot badge Momi.

    Certified Idiot:
    This user is an idiot. A moron. A complete imbecile. Take everything she says with a grain of salt.

    You can no longer be trusted.
  14. #724932014-04-03 03:20:59 *Momimochi said:

    [2:13:04 PM] Momi: But no, seriously, the idiot badge actually looks really nice
    [2:13:06 PM] DarkChaplain: they liked my badge images
    [2:13:06 PM] Momi: HUH.
    [2:13:08 PM] DarkChaplain: so I put them up
    [2:13:13 PM] DarkChaplain: IKR?!
    [2:13:17 PM] DarkChaplain: it looks awesome
    [2:13:22 PM] Momi: I was like, scrolling down, and I'm just
    [2:13:23 PM] Momi: WOW
    [2:13:28 PM] Momi: LOL
    [2:14:26 PM] DarkChaplain: I googled the fool's hat thing and then made a solid grey version of it
    [2:14:37 PM] DarkChaplain: its actually the CL font as well
    [2:14:39 PM] DarkChaplain: so it fits
    [2:15:02 PM] Momi: But yes. Can I keep that badge

    Kept it because it looks nice, Maudi.

  15. #725372014-04-03 16:33:14Mau said:

    And I quote "Take everything this user says with a grain of salt."

    Whatever lets you sleep at night Momi.

  16. #724862014-04-03 02:26:31Jacek said:

    Once a newfag always a newfag. You'll still be known as a newfag if you're still here for the next three years. Get that constipation outta your system and accept the facts.

    To expand on this, "newfag" is just a term for new members, it's how they act. Same with oldfag and midfag. So if you continue to act like a newfag and are seen as such, then you will always be a newfag no matter what. Very few people graduate from newfag.

  17. #724922014-04-03 03:20:04Kuroba_Loki said:

    Not very few,

    No one has been able to leave "newfag" status ever since the new CL started :D

    Though I believe I named some regulars midfags X3

  18. #724892014-04-03 03:15:32Rebel said:

    @Jacek oooh I see. So you haven't graduated from a newfag to remove the newfag badge or gain any kind of intelligence to remove the idiot badges.... heh...

  19. #724942014-04-03 03:23:54Momimochi said:

    @REBEL cannot read, obviously.

    Think of this in a lesser intelligent way, in other words, I'm translating this into idiot language:

    Everyone who joined approximately after late 2010 is a midfag. Everyone starting from around 2011 is a newfag. YOU will never graduate from being a newfag. Jace, here, however, is one old motherfucker.

  20. #724992014-04-03 03:52:12 *Rebel said:

    @Momimochi I did read what he said, and it doesn't have anything to do with what you said, his point is about how someone acts, your point is about the time line in which someone joined the site. But I do get what you 2 are getting at, it's just that i don't argee with it.... please I don't want to have to come back so don't mention me, unless you're gonna remove the newfag badge from me

  21. #725022014-04-03 04:38:48Momimochi said:

    @REBEL Suck that shit up, son, no one gives a fuck

    I'm sorry you don't understand the relevance of our two points; let me clear this up for you:

    S/he has just joined and have already made a fool out of themselves

    Newfags. As in, every person who joins make a fool out of themselves. Do not deny; it is fact. The fact may be hard, but facing it is the first step to joining the world of harsh realities.
    In fact, oldfags are probably even more a fool back then than people now; they just happened to shape the community's view of "fools," so to say, once tagged a fool, you're never living it down.

    On the other hand, no one really cares if you have the badge or not; you've already been coined as a newfag, and will be viewed as a newfag so long as you're here. Tough luck, suck it up.

  22. #725032014-04-03 04:41:23 *Deftones said:

    So you're pretty much giving mods the ability to brand users (they don't like) with badges with negative connotations. Wouldn't expect anything other from you, really.

  23. #725602014-04-03 21:11:27Lycan said:

    @Deftones do you really think we'd go around sticking these badges on people for no other reason than not liking them? ( wow unprofessional) I mean I'm probably not going to give someone these specific badges unless on request from the user itself. Not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of these badges. But I do want the number of badges to increase, and sooner or later it's bound to appear a negative one. We've had negative ones before.

    I do vote for a less harsh and more fun description for these new badges though.

  24. #725042014-04-03 05:18:59Kirn said:

    Well, I have to say it. This badges faggotry really disappointed me. And this comes from my long time of going over this fucking issue with everyone who cared enough to pick up the argument.

    Short version: three new badges we have - suck. Yes, not two badges, three badges.

    Long version: first of all, this is April buggery, which on my personal scale is the lowest time of the fucking year. And I noticed it a long time ago, that noone really goes for good jokes on that day - they people prefer to do stuff that hurts and demeans others on a pretense of 'having fun'. So yeah, on that day it either someone trying to make a fool out of you, or you are trying to make a fool out of yourself. That's my first point.

    My second point is that we do not need any new badges at fucking all. Especially useless ones like that. And seriously, what the fuck? Not two weeks ago we laughed at how that other site has badges out of control, and now I see this? Really? And it's not even project badges, which could have been used, or proper status badges. I mean, let's see what we have here:
    Newfag badge. What's the point of it? We never even had a real point in the oldfag badge, and you make one for newfags? You propose to slap it on every newfag and remove it... when? And you went and put it on people who are not even newfags, which is just a bad form. This is useless.
    Idiot badge. Do I really even have to say anything here? Demeaning and dumb. You should be ashamed for even making something like that.
    Cancer badge. You just had to do it, right? This goes right back to Corgi army badge made for the personal use of Aco and his bitches. And you now want to go the same road to show how special you are and have that in the database? That one is beyond childish.

    These badges serve no purpose, which is obvious to anyone who would stop and think for a fucking second. So there's NO POINT in this thread. There should actually be no thread about keeping these badges because that seriously should not even be a topic for consideration.

    TL;DR - delete all those three dumbbadges and get on with your lives.

    @DarkChaplain, we are now in the third day of this faggotry. Every day I am getting more disappointed with what I see. So I have to say this. I expect you to stop making a clown out of yourself and return everything on this matter back to pre-April state. This joke is being dragged way too fucking long, and it wasn't even funny in the first place.