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Parent: New Musical Instruments

  1. #725732014-04-03 22:41:28Ecstasy said:

    it's not instrument that makes the musician it's the Artist's intent which really creates something beautiful

    I agree here. There are musicians who I really enjoy no matter what they write. An example here would be Johan Edlund from Tiamat. He did a lot of experiments with his band's sound early on and it was in the time when I was listening to doom-metal and was pretty closed in my music preferences. So when they released an album which was sounding a lot different from their previous releases and even managed to keep the general Tiamat feeling to it, it just opened my eyes and I went discovering new genres and started to get interested in experimental stuff. That one album changed more about my music perception than 7 years in music school. So I'll always be thankful for it in a way, even though I don't like his latest releases as much.