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Parent: New Musical Instruments

  1. #726082014-04-04 11:02:20Kirn said:

    Lol... you know, I looked at this guy with laser harp, and all I could think was - at the end of this you will have burning holes in your hands, sucker!

    Well, I don't know much about instruments, really, or about modern ones. Hell yes, I like it when people do sounds with no instruments at all, like acapella style or whatever it's called...

    I also realized why exacly I liked seaboard. No loops. Most of those things I look at - you can program a loop on them, and just don't bother about it anymore. That board, however, still reacts just to your touch, as far as I could see. So it's just your fingers and your work and that's that. I like that. I think )