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Parent: New Musical Instruments

  1. #726622014-04-05 13:22:40 *Rinneko said:

    The Otamatone was pretty funny, and queer. I wouldn't want to actually try making music with it seriously; I would just fool around with it for laughs. HANG sounded really melodious, and that makes me wonder how it works!

    That vegetable video reminded me of one where someone demonstrated a potato's electrical properties by lighting up a bulb, oddly enough. Would those vegetables still be edible after electricity had been passed through it?

    Furthermore, there is a futuristic sculpture under the Panopticons series called the Singing, Ringing Tree which is supposedly a musical instrument. It makes eerie noises when the wind passes through it.

  2. #728232014-04-09 14:21:55Ecstasy said:

    Pretty sure you can still eat those vegetables.

    And this sculpture is just wow, I watched the video again and it gives me a really weird feeling. Just imagine people discovering it years and years after our civilization.
    I saw a thing like this but it's based on water and it's not the same weird sounding.