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  1. The Flat Earth Society

    #727592014-04-07 21:50:30NidTheBard said:
    Before you ask, yes this is real, there are people who truly believe this even today. Now, I shall continue.

    So, I recently discovered there is a group of people known as the The Flat Earth Society, who believe, who would have guessed it, that the Earth's shape is a plane and/or disk. They also believe that walls of Ice, Antarctica being one, are what keep us from falling off this flat surface. They have many "reliable" sources that they use in order to back themselves up. Some of these Sources include: The Bible, The Enûma Eliš, Indonesia and Oceanic Mythology, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others.

    Also, the believers of this theory, have gone on many occasions "debunking" evidence that the world is round, including footage and photographic evidence, one of which I believe was a man piloting an airplane around the Earth. And in case that wasn't enough "Debunking" for you, here:

    Now, some of you may be saying, although I doubt it, "Nid, how could you be so mean to these people? They have beliefs just like you do. Why can you have your's but they can't?"
    First, I would like to say they have every Right to believe in what they want, or do not want, to believe, just as I do and even you do. But, that does not mean I have to respect those beliefs, and of course I'm not going to say they can't say the same thing about mine, because I could care less if they think what I believe in is stupid.

    Secondly, I am not telling this directly to their face just to call them stupid, and neither will I, mainly because I don't think I would be able to calmly do so.

    Finally, I mainly created this thread in order to inform all of those who willingly click, and read through all of this that do not already know about it because, well, I just enjoy sharing things with other people, and to help expand their knowledge on subjects, even if some subjects may not be the most intelligent. You never know, one of you reading this could be a Future Comedy Writer, Comedian, or even use this as a conversation starter with your future Wife/Husband/Whatever The Kids are into these days.

    I hope you enjoyed, and feel free to leave a response below and maybe even answer that supposedly funny Poll.
  2. #727612014-04-07 21:57:53 *hellstorm901 said:

    Send them up into space without a space suit so they can see the Earth is round before they die.

    Their deaths will then give the space industry valuable information into the effects of exposed Human beings on the vacuum of space.

    Yes I am a harsh person.

  3. #727782014-04-08 05:22:32Kirn said:

    Well, I knew about these flat earth people for many years now. You have to admire the arrogance, you know. I mean, it's perfectly normal if you are a bushman in Africa who never even saw a car, you are entitled to believing anything you want. But them fuckers are presented with all the wonders of modern world, including the ability to fly on a commercial plane from California to Japan - going up one side of the map and coming out right from another. And still, they persist.

    Well, no wonder, really. In a world where people still believe in such concepts as god and democracy, you just have to have some motherfuckers who would believe in less popular, though equally weird, things.

    Geocentristic movie trailer made me laugh. The arrogance of these people, thinking we are standing on some special place in universe, a single planet to have life. Those people should be sacrificed first to the alien overlords when they will finally get to this planet.


  4. #727962014-04-08 23:18:59NidTheBard said:

    Yeah, I personally don't believe in God either, seeing at it is, in my opinion, a ludicrous thing created only to temporarily explain the things we couldn't explain at the time when most religions were created. Also, many people who believe in God look at Greek Mythology as stupid, when it is just as equally likely as everything that happened in the Bible. That always makes me chuckle when I hear a Religious person talk about how silly Greek Mythology is.

    And yes, it is one thing if you are not informed, and no one has ever taught you anything about the world, but when you are just straight up ignorant about the facts that are presented straight to you, it is hard for me to respect your beliefs.

    And yay! Being Insignificant!

  5. #1161892019-04-01 16:32:32 *wu-se said:

    b u m p e d

    because the idiots made a "documentary" on netflix where they "prove" how the earth is flat