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Parent: The Flat Earth Society

  1. #727962014-04-08 23:18:59NidTheBard said:

    Yeah, I personally don't believe in God either, seeing at it is, in my opinion, a ludicrous thing created only to temporarily explain the things we couldn't explain at the time when most religions were created. Also, many people who believe in God look at Greek Mythology as stupid, when it is just as equally likely as everything that happened in the Bible. That always makes me chuckle when I hear a Religious person talk about how silly Greek Mythology is.

    And yes, it is one thing if you are not informed, and no one has ever taught you anything about the world, but when you are just straight up ignorant about the facts that are presented straight to you, it is hard for me to respect your beliefs.

    And yay! Being Insignificant!