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  1. CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Winner Crowned!

    #729302014-04-10 19:34:52 *Dark-B said:

    Let the worst villain win!

    This thread is a follow up to CL's Top Anime Villain 2014- Nominees & Rules.

    We will now begin the contest but before that, let me explain a bit:

    • First of all, these brackets have been randomized fairly, I swear. And in case you want to know which site, here is the link

    • Second, this will go underway with 2 matches with 4 contestants in every match and only one of them will be able to advance to the next round. So, that means 2 are moving to the next round every two days. Next round, we will have 2 matches with 2 contestants in every match, and as you can guess, we will continue with that until the finals, for there will be standings for 3rd and 4th place.

    • Please, as mentioned before, use anyway you would like to vote for a character as long as it's clear and understandable, but the ideal way would be to make a sub post to the post that involved said vote, and in case you STILL don't know how to, I'll post a link to a guide on how to subpost by @Kip, thank her for that.

    And you don't need to write any explanation for why you'd choose a character, you're free to just write your vote or have a vote then add a bit of side talk over, I won;t complain since a bit of talk can be nice and who knows, maybe a user chooses said character you want based on what you typed, but please, no trying to tell people who to vote for in an immature and stupid way, and caplocking the entire post is considered stupid.

    • You're only allowed to vote for one character in a match.

    • Hopefully, I'll be ending votes every 2 days at approximately 6 p.m(GMT +3). Though, stuff can happen so, may be a bit earlier on times and a bit late on others.

    • And most of all, please, please, be a good sport. This is it, no need to rage for not having your guy win, what happened happened, and also, it's just a popularity contest so obviously you should get over it. This was made for fun, not for fighting, although discussion is encouraged and is nice, please don't try to over complicate stuff and argue over stuff, because that's pretty annoying when you have to sit through this for every match for more than a week.

    so yeah, I'd appreciate it and so would the staff for giving them less trouble.

    And now, moving on, here is the list of match-ups so far and how we'd handle the match-ups for the next round as well: Brackets And I'll be updating them as we move on, so you can check them out when you want to and find stuff updated hopefully.

    Now, I will post down the first two matches, in separate posts so that in case people decide to follow through with the subposts, we'll have a better way of specifying and lining up votes. and as stated, please try and vote in a subpost,

    And good luck!

  2. #729312014-04-10 19:35:12 *Dark-B said:

    First Match of Round 1:

    • D-Reaper- Digimon Tamers
    • Gendo Ikari- Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Devil Gundam- Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    • Kurei Mori- Flame of Recca
  3. #729332014-04-10 19:52:25 *9mm said:

    Gendo wins the baddest villain and the worst dad by a landslide. Not because I suggested him. He is actually a piece of shit.

  4. #729402014-04-10 21:13:04Rebel said:

    I don't know who any of these people but this guy looks familiar...

    Vote: Gendo Ikari- Neon Genesis Evangelion

  5. #729582014-04-11 05:02:43Kirn said:

    No competition here. Gendo is the top pick. And I really absolutely hate the bastard, like I hate every Eva character, really.

  6. #729322014-04-10 19:35:29Dark-B said:

    Second Match of Round 1:

    • Gilgamesh- Fate/Zero
    • Orochimaru- Naruto
    • Shougo Makishima - Psycho-Pass
    • Lio Shirazumi - Kara no Kyoukai
  7. #729592014-04-11 05:10:20Kirn said:

    Now... my emotional choice would have been Lio here, just because I considered him to be entertaining. However, Makishima is my vote for this batch. In the world controlled by a system, his own perception of things and actions puts him above the rest.

  8. #730162014-04-12 14:31:00johan_5179 said:

    The King of Heroes, strongest among all heroic spirits has been defeated.

    Makishima beats Gilgamesh 8-7.

    This was intense. Nice~

    Dreading the next one though :o

  9. #730172014-04-12 14:35:07 *Dark-B said:

    Okay everyone, voting for match 1 and 2 is now over. Here are the results of who are going to the semi-finals:

    Gendo Ikari(by a landslide)
    Shougo Makishima(by a tie-break)

    And now, moving on, here is the next patch to vote for:

    Third match of Round 1:

    • Dio Brando- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    • Anti-Ichigo- Bleach

    • The count of Monte Cristo- Gankutsuou

    • Johan Liebert - Monster

  10. #730182014-04-12 14:37:44Rinneko said:

    Johan Liebert from Monster; mostly because I haven't watched the other two and don't have as high an impression of Hichigo as Johan.

  11. #730232014-04-12 14:47:04Rebel said:

    I don't know who any of the other animes are except for Bleach.... so I'll go with who I know

    Vote: Anti-Ichigo- Bleach

  12. #730252014-04-12 14:50:46Kirn said:

    Johan Liebert. The way he does things is impressive. Calculated, calm and completely inhumane. And on quite a grand scale, which, at the same times, looks realistic enough to really grip you. Decent villain this one is.

  13. #730262014-04-12 14:51:36DarkChaplain said:

    As much as I love Monte Kuristo Hakushaku and think he deserves recognition for his plans, my vote has to go to DIO BRANDO

    I mean, come on. This guy was full of ambition, poisoned his own father systematically to break out of the slums, where he played chess against adults for money and won, got adopted into the Joestar family due to a debt owed to his father, and there he had to grow up alongside the pretty much whimpy, useless Jonathan Joestar, who might have had his heart at the right spot, but little else.
    Dio quickly overtook Jonathan in most things, and they became rivals. Dio, however, played foul from the moment he arrived at the Joestar's. Heck, he got the dog burned alive! He tried to sully Jonathan's loved one by stealing her first kiss, he played the good son to the outside while eternally taunting his adoptive brother.

    While this calmed down after the two clashed in a bigger fight and they grew up with Jonathan thinking Dio had changed his ways, Dio was just plotting to kill his adoptive father, grabbing the inheritance and hopefully kill Jonathan as well, until Jonathan found out about his scheme and went to find an antidote. Meanwhile, Dio discovered the powers of the Stone Mask, which turned him into a non-human, vampire-like being.

    He'd go on to kill the Joestar father, burn the house to the ground, and erasing whole villages from existence after his apparent defeat at the hands of Jonathan. He'd revive century-old heroes and use them as his soldiers, he'd kill, and kill, and kill, just to be defeated again by Jonathan and his allies. Only to reappear later, now only a head, and in another big struggle be defeated by Jonathan, sacrificing himself, sinking with Dio to the bottom of the ocean.

    And he would return once more. To do more evil. To haunt the Joestar Bloodline. And he'd do so with Jonathan's body under his neck. He is rotten to the core, tainted by ambition, hatred, envy and arrogance.

    Dio Brando is the one my vote goes to.

  14. #730282014-04-12 14:53:32 *johan_5179 said:

    Superpowers? Nope. Unlimited funds? Nope. Magical Notebooks? Nope. And yet, if there's a word for Johan, its haunting.

    My vote for Johan Liebert. Simply the best there ever will be.

    I had half a doubt between the Count and Johan, since they're pretty similar. Charming, inhuman and seemingly all-powerful. But after thinking about it, there is simply no competition in my mind. In a direct verbal confrontation Johan could burn out The Count within minutes. And while I highly respect the Count, there's no way that anyone can out-manipulate Johan. The plans are grand and spectacular, but I shudder to imagine what Johan could achieve with those resources. I wouldn't talk about Dio here, because Johan and Dio are very different people.

  15. #730682014-04-12 21:44:26TalTal said:

    I can't believe Gankutsuou and Johan were put together so early on. I know it's random, but I wish they both could have gone a least another round.

    My vote goes to Johan. Shakes fist

  16. #730802014-04-13 03:18:09awkwardangels said:

    Dio Brando for sure.

    Dio's evil from the start and has goals and ambitions. Those goals and ambitions grow from there. He's one of the better, more developed villains that I've seen in anime/manga. Despote all the awful things that he's done, and there's enough for an entire 1000 page novel, I still like him as a character.

    ... Oh wait crap I suggested him, uhhh ignore my vote if you want. I'm passionate about Jojo.

  17. #730202014-04-12 14:42:39 *Dark-B said:

    Fourth Match of Round 1:

    • Aizen Sousuke- Bleach

    • Ladd Russo- Baccano!

    • Claire Stanfield- Baccano!

    • Balalaika- Black Lagoon

    -Voting Ends on Monday-

  18. #730222014-04-12 14:45:10 *Kirn said:

    Claire Stanfield, obviously. While at the end of the show you may think of him as the good guy... Don't forget that he may seem that way only because he is strong enough to be so. And when he kills... well, the things he does to people clearly show that there's absolutely no empathy of any kind there. Which is quite scary - because one minute he may be eating pasta and talking about love and next minute he may be ripping someone's limbs off. Quite literally.

  19. #730342014-04-12 15:54:33 *johan_5179 said:

    Balalaika from Black Lagoon. For being one of the most amazing tacticians I have seen in action. Ledouche Lampoon could learn a thing or two from her. If she doesn't shoot him for being a moron. And for being an extremely cynical and dangerous woman nobody dares to cross, even other mafia bosses of similar or even superior strength.

    This one was the toughest for me to decide. Claire, Ladd and Balalaika are all amazing villains in their own right.

    Now, who to chose between the three? Lets see. Ladd, I can safely count him out. What ever I did see of Baccano convinced me that he was no match for Claire, though probably just one step below him.

    Between Claire and Balalaika, I have to say that if there's one thing that sets Balalaika over Claire for me, it is that she's much easily accessible as a character. I have never felt close to Claire, even though I enjoyed watching him take out those assholes in maniacal fashion. Balalaika is someone I can relate to on some levels, even if on others she makes me feel my insignificance. Through all of the shit she puts others through, she is still human, and she does betray her softer side once in a while, and it is very moving to watch. Claire is an unstoppable inhuman monster with a heart of gold. Balalaika is a jaded professional dealing death while trying to protect her men and survive. Also, that voice... man that voice.

  20. #730522014-04-12 18:45:04 *Taro_Tanako said:

    I would say Balalaika from Black Lagoon because she is dangerously effective, cunning, vicious, and uncompromising and ACTUALLY HAS WIDESPREAD GOALS. She has flaws, shows (apparent) compassion when it fits into her plans, and is devastatingly effective as both a character and monster.

    I totally prefer Claire Stanfield as a dangerous individual but Balalaika is an actual villain trying to accomplish something beyond her immediate presence, Vino is content to just wander through life doing as he pleases which doesn't make him a great villain really in my opinion.

    I discount Aizen because he's less a character and more a plot. At no point after being unmasked is he surprising or interesting and solely exists to be the thing to overcome without there being a decent explanation of why he does what he does.

    Ludd Russo is a laugh but, again, is less of a villain and more of a counterpoint to Vino. Also, he just aint as cool as Claire.

  21. #731992014-04-14 15:48:14 *Dark-B said:

    Here are the results of one of the most intense rounds so far:

    Match 3: The match went strong with Johan Liebert taking the leading instantly, and continuing to gain votes while Anti-Ichigo showed some life, yet still not close. Dio Brando had a vote while Johan kept on appearing to be the clear winner by a mile, until suddenly, Dio started gaining votes until we reached a tie! Anti-Ichigo got a couple of votes, yet sadly couldn't keep up between Johan and Dio while the count, sadly for his fans, he was left out in the cold.
    While time passed and we thought we'd keep on having a tie for a while, a clear vote breaks it and Johan Liebert takes the lead and wins match 3 to go on to the semi-finals! Which probably let a tear from @DarkChaplain eyes, and had @johan_5179 at joy.

    Match 4: This match caught the fans of Claire Stanfield off-guard, for after a successful vote for Claire, came Sosuke Aizen with the lead for a bit only to see Claire snatch it back again. Balalaika had a slow progress in the early stages, but really had a burst in the end, yet sadly was never able to take the lead on Claire, while Aizen had a couple of votes, Ladd Russo, sadly shared The Count out in the cold with no votes at all.
    So, what does this mean? It means, like a lot of people had hoped Claire Stanfield survived this battle, but will he able to survive the next one against the one and only Johan Liebert at the semi-finals?

    Only YOU can decide.

    And tough luck for you again Johan, only thing that would've made you happier is having Balalaika win as well, but count on the real Johan to avenge her! And I know a certain someone is now pleased and relieved that Sosuke Aizen didn't pull off and take the lead more. (That certain someone's name starts with a K and ends with an N)

    Now moving on, here is the next patch, Match 5 & 6 of round 1.

    Fifth Match of Round 1:

    • Vector- Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

    • Meruem- Hunter X Hunter

    • Vincent Volaju- Cowboy Bebop

    • Ayanami - 07 Ghost

  22. #732012014-04-14 16:05:29Kirn said:

    Well, since I was the one putting Vincent here, I will obviously vote for him. As I wrote already, he is a very blues-style villain, perfect for BeBop universe. Lost with no memories, not even sure if he is alive. And he is willing to kill the whole city just to open the door to heaven. And while being all that, he is damn strong - even managed to beat up Spike, which is a serious feat.

  23. #732262014-04-15 02:53:10InsaneBoredGame said:

    Vector is the true path. Plus all of the reasons Tally and I posted over here, this asshole goes from kind prince to mad ruler (who killed all of his subjects and invaded countless nations) to crazy dead rock alien to crazy dead rock alien pretending to be a alien cop pretending to be a middle school boy to crazier dead rock alien to all powerful chaos god to even more dead to a goddamn NEET by the finale.

    He's in a card game anime, only wins two duels (both with someone else), yet is pretty much the biggest threat for the longest time. He willingly loses a few times just to gain another advantage. He's as hammy as shit, incredibly petty, pretty damn cruel, and ridiculously patient. He engineered the deaths of over half the reoccurring cast.

    Also, he's a really good actor. Like would you imagine someone of that description to pull off this?

    Please vote for our carrot overlord

  24. #732002014-04-14 15:48:44Dark-B said:

    Sixth Match of Round 1:

    • Uchiha Madara- Naruto

    • Broly- Dragon Ball Z

    • Marshall D. Teach- One Piece (Deserves a GIF)

    • Kyubey- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    -Voting ends on Wednesday-

  25. #732022014-04-14 16:08:40Kirn said:

    Well.. seeing how I don't like DBZ, Naruto or 1 Piece... hey, I will vote for the cute cuddly devourer of little girls. Quite honestly, I never was big fan of the show, though I did enjoy it. And I never understood all this Kyubey hype. If anything, this thing is a plot device. However, I did enjoy seeing those little girls suffer and die, and if that white creature is responsible for that, then hell, it deserves my vote for this match.

  26. #732062014-04-14 16:21:20Ecstasy said:

    Marshall D. Teach gets my vote in this match, he actually managed to make me hate him, even though it's rare for me to hate an anime character.

  27. #732102014-04-14 17:01:55 *johan_5179 said:

    Kyuubey from Madoka Magica.

    Alien pedophile rape cat. He never lied to you, its your fault for not asking him and believing in some childish delusion of yours where the Magical Girl's world is made up of flying unicorns and rainbow ponies. Kyuubey is here to welcome you to harsh reality, motherfuckers.

    Madoka is a brilliant show, and while Kyuubey was definitely not the best part of the show, he is certainly better than Mr. DumbItemForDumbPlot & Mr. OverpoweredForeshadowing. Don't really know Blackbeard.

  28. #732142014-04-14 19:47:51Teil said:

    I would like to cast this vote towards Kyuubey but, seeing how he acted solely based on his own peoples logic and less on evil intent, I can't really consider him a villain to begin with. I don't really like any of the other villains here either but, Marshall D. Teach it is.

  29. #733182014-04-16 15:29:05Dark-B said:

    Results of match 5 and 6 of round 1:

    Match 5: This match started out with the two main attractions, Vincent and Vector as they kept on gaining votes equally and trying to reach the lead, while Mereum only got a vote, yet as the match progressed and after a certain while of anticipation, Vincent Voraju pulls it off and goes to the next round barely against a villain who is considered by some "the REAL worst villain". Stay strong though, he maybe a step closer, but will he climb to the top against the rest of the competitors? We won't know for sure.

    Match 6: This match saw Marshall D. Teach, a great villain and pirate, who deserves praise for showing no guts and heart whatsoever- taking a huge lead on all the other competitors, but not shocking enough, a cat-like alien by the name of "Kyuubey" managed to pull off the win. Outrageous I know.

    Moving on, here is what you want, the last matches before we move on to the semi-finals!

    Seventh Match of Round 1:

    • Frieza- Dragon Ball Z's_Ghost_(PTESS).png/500px-Frieza's_Ghost_(PTESS).png

    • Shishio Makoto- Rurouni Kenshin

    • Alucard - Hellsing

    • Knives- Trigun

  30. #733232014-04-16 15:48:11johan_5179 said:

    Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate.

    Is there even a question? I hate this bastard, and I'm scared shitless as well. And I look up to him in his Vlad avatar, and he creeped me out with his murder of Rip van Winkle (who was asking for it, but nobody deserves to die like that. Nobody. youtube at your own peril.)

    His look (inspired by Vash the Stampede), his Guns, his VOICE (Johji Nakata, and Crispin Freeman. Fucking amazing in both sub and dub.) The writing, and even his rivals. Everything about this guy screams awesome.

  31. #733242014-04-16 15:54:03Kirn said:

    Voting Alucard here. Well, Johan summed it up nicely... (btw, that Rip scene is actually very sexual, you know) But still. This is pretty much the character from the first manga I started reading seriously. Ever. And I love the bastard. He is a caged monster, and at the same time he himself is the castle, the whole army of evil. And he is stylish about it.
    Ridiculously overpowered, and one of those monsters who understood that it's still just as fun and no less evil to kill for the 'good side', and nobody gets on your back for it.

  32. #733292014-04-16 16:19:52DarkChaplain said:

    Alucard, no bloody competition in this match.
    He IS the Count, Vlad the Impaler, after all. There are few who can compete with this supreme being of "evil". Certainly, none of the others even come close.

  33. #733192014-04-16 15:29:18Dark-B said:

    Eight and Final Match of Round 1:

    • Father- Fullmetal Alchemist

    • Izaya Orihara- Durarara!

    • Takasugi Shinsuke - Gintama

    • Yuca Collabel- Immortal Rain

    -Voting ends on Friday-

  34. #733262014-04-16 16:01:29Kirn said:

    Father here. No competition. I love FMA for many things, and great characters is one of those things. This guy was kept in the shadows for a long time, and when we saw him... he didn't even do that much evil at that moment. But the whole scope of his schemes, his power and arrogance...
    Massive villain who is pretty much too big for anyone to even really understand. Reminds me of a saying of how when you are in Trafalgar Square, you can't see England. That's exactly the feeling I get from this guy. To see everything he's done, you would have to look at the planet from orbit or something.

  35. #733282014-04-16 16:09:38 *Ecstasy said:

    I vote for Takasugi. He wants nothing but to destroy.

    "I'm fine with being a beast, I neither want nor need anything to protect. I just want to destroy everything, until the beast stops whining."

  36. #733322014-04-16 16:28:40 *DarkChaplain said:


    He bloody tried to consume God by sacrificing MILLIONS of people as payment - and not just once. He created the Homunculi to rid himself of the drives of the seven sins.
    He basically founded a whole country, created a puppet government, put one of his Homunculi up as F├╝hrer President, and arranged that the country adhered closely to a circle-shape, to later harvest all humans as sacrifices in his gambit to become God. And this is only AFTER he already brought another civilization to extinction, absorbing their lives to create a body for himself.

    He is, without a doubt, the prime villain in this match. The sheer scale of his ambitions, combined with his initial wish to be free of the flask that harbored him, and decide the course of his "life", make him the best of the bunch. A really well-written antagonist with a lot of depth and development.

    "Humans who dare to play God must pay a steep price for their arrogance."

  37. #733342014-04-16 18:17:16TalTal said:

    While he's too stoic and emotionless to be the usual kind of character I like, I have to give him props because he nearly won. His plan took centuries, millions of souls, God, and careful behind-the-scenes manipulation to achieve. Good job, ya old bastard.

  38. #733442014-04-16 21:23:54Rinneko said:

    Either Izaya Orihara or Yuca Collabel for me, but I do not think that Yuca ever truly wanted to be a villain. Therefore, I'm voting Izaya Orihara from Durarara!!

  39. #734302014-04-18 15:37:31Dark-B said:

    Results of match 7 & 8 of round 1:

    Match 7: Sadly, in this round there hasn't been much action, as Alucard had this from the beginning, yet Shishio did put up a fight he couldn't really pull through.

    Match 8: This match was expected to be a "battle of CL's soul" expected to be centered around Izaya Orihara and Father, but it seems Father did more than just win easily, he crushed the entire match and passed through with ease that even a vote of Izaya couldn't affect the outcome no matter.

    Here are the quarter finals and we are one step closer to picking who the number 1 villain in CL is, and I hope you're as excited as I am, because we've come a long way now! And I expect more people to vote now that we've filtered a lot of participants. And it should consist of matches of 2, And now, for the first 2 matches, here they are:

    First Match of the Quarter-Finals:

    • Claire Stanfield- Baccano!

    • Johan Liebert- Monster

  40. #734322014-04-18 15:57:01 *Teil said:

    I find it incredibly annoying that these two characters were put into the same match right off the bat because it will be incredibly difficult to choose between them. Claire is amusing to watch and he always has my focus when he's on screen. They way he brutally murders without hesitation is not only entertaining, but freaking scary as well. Johan however, is scary but in a much different sense. A much...darker sense. He manages to send chills down my spine every time his cold expression meets the screen. His intelligence and cold heart just win me over so my vote shall be cast to Johan Liebert. His overall goal was on a global scale and his methods to approach it were cruel and sickening, in a good way. How can I not vote for him?

  41. #734332014-04-18 16:13:08Kirn said:

    Well, damn. I was expecting this match, but now when it comes to this, it's hard. Still, if I have to, then I have to.

    In terms of villainy, Johan obviously beats Claire - he has plan, he has people working for him, he goes towards some goal. Claire is just travelling the country, taking jobs from mafia and killing people in gruesome ways. So, no competition there.
    However! (you didn't think I would vote so fast, did you?) In terms of personality, I like Claire much-much more. The Johan is very collected, calm... and his personality over the years is something he himself constructed. Which is pretty neat. But Claire is natural in his emotions - he is free to express his feeling as he sees fit. And I do mean free - he can freely express the emotion of wanting to kill you )) . But really, he is sincere in his emotions and actions. Because he can.
    And I can't help but wander what would happen if those two would meet? Johan is manipulator, while Claire is just extremely strong. However, Claire is known for his mindset of being the god of his own world and being able to do what he wants. I thought about this, and I figured that if Johan would meet Claire while both were children, Claire probably would have had no chances - he would be under Johan's influence. But if they would meet as grown and developed characters, Claire would probably not be swayed by anyone trying to control him. To self-centred he is for that ))

    Well, damn, it IS a hard choice for me. But I guess, I will pick the character I nominated, and will go with personality-based choice - vote for Claire Stanfield.

  42. #734392014-04-18 16:33:53Taro_Tanako said:

    Claire Stanfield. I think Kirn said most of what I was gonna about why. Although I'm still not totally convinced he's a real villain.

  43. #734402014-04-18 16:34:51johan_5179 said:

    My vote for Johan Liebert

    Claire is a great character. His personality is what makes him very attractive, and his stagerring confidence, backed with healthy power as well. But that is not enough. Apart from what Teil mentioned above, the question of who to vote for must contain one more very important factor. The method.

    Claire Stanfield guide to dealing with problems - Murder it. Brutally. Then joke about it.

    Johan Liebert guide to dealing with things - Bribe it, corner it, hunt it. Its family, its friends, their families, its mind should be thoroughly broken. Sometimes allow it to live to gain more info, but make sure its paranoid and unstable. Become its friend, its last hope, turn it to despair, burn it out, that way you control it when its paranoid. Its also very interesting driving it to suicide, its last reactions are valuable and entertaining. Hire hitmen (like Claire), never let anyone know what you're up to. Remove all traces of your existence, burn everything down. And then do it again.

    Evil? Claire is hardly what you will call evil, in the anime. He is a sick bastard with delusions of being a god; delusions he sustains by virtue of his personal power. Johan knows what its like to be a god. Children see him as their idol, serial killers who he has contacted trust him enough to commit murder for him, other groups worship him as the next Hitler or the fucking anti-Christ. And yet, every single one of them dies. Even the children. Though he uses them more as experimental fodder than anything else, keeping up his practice.

    (As for the Johan vs Claire point, again no competition. Johan is known for never approaching anyone directly unless he's sure of a kill. And Claire has not shown any capacity for a battle of wits, definitely not with someone of Johan's caliber. Brawn can only get you so far Claire, being a sick fuck does not mean you are completely ruthless.)

  44. #734442014-04-18 16:48:41TalTal said:

    Damn, I was hoping these two wouldn't go up against each other.

    Pretty much what everyone's else has said. While Claire is extremely entertaining to watch on screen, and he's my favorite character, he's just not the level of villain that Johan is. I planned on voting for Johan through this entire thing if my first choice didn't make it, and I'm sticking to that.

  45. #734472014-04-18 17:05:29 *Lieutenant said:

    My mind going on about how would these two be if they faced each other alone, my vote go to Claire for this one. Processing on both stories would be too intense for me to type it long here, so to make it short, I'm voting for Claire Stanfield.

  46. #734552014-04-18 17:35:00Ecstasy said:

    I think Claire just never meets a type of villain like Johan in Baccano!, so you can't really say he has no chances against him because his potential against such villain type is never shown. I mean he is able to walk undefeated from any fight in the Baccano! universe, so meeting a stronger opponent could potentially show more of his strength. And Johan's strategy to make someone insane and paranoid wouldn't really work on Claire because he is already unstable. So I think Claire has a chance to be able to adapt to the situation even against Johan. We can't be absolutely sure, though, but in this situation I'll just vote for the one who has more charisma in my opinion.

    Voting for Claire Stanfield.

  47. #735182014-04-19 14:18:44Rebel said:

    Hmm... Both are from animes I haven't seen, so I have no clue about these characters. But judging by looks, honest, they don't even look like villains. Claire Stanfield- Baccano! looks like your typical non-important rebel character, but seeing that he's a villain in baccano, which is a mature anime so I've heard, He must of done something to fit the part of villain. Johan Liebert- Monster... well he/she looks like a junkie attending a rehab on the path to recover... So for me to place a vote, I'll compare them like Background character(claire) Vs Junkie (johan).....

    Vote: Junkie..... i mean Johan Liebert- Monster

  48. #735692014-04-20 08:00:04 *Frey said:

    I'll vote for Johan here.

    Here's my reasoning: Claire is actually a guy who thinks for himself and for others. The reason why he became the rail tracer in Baccano is

    1. He's about to be shot by the conductor and the only reason to escape there is to "kill before being killed"

    2. Tony

    3. If the Lemures/Ladd accomplishes their goal, the train would be delayed and the Gandor (who took care of him before he went to circus) might lose their battle vs the Runorata's. So he only targeted the black and white suits.

    3 is THE reason why I voted for Johan Johan doesn't give shit about who saved his life when he was little. He even deceived him that he has a split personality and somewhat gave him false hope. Almost made his sister kill herself.

  49. #734312014-04-18 15:37:41Dark-B said:

    Second Match of the Quarter-Finals:

    • Alucard- Hellsing

    • Vincent Volaju- Cowboy Bebop

    -Voting ends on Sunday-

  50. #734362014-04-18 16:31:18Kirn said:

    Goddamnit! Another hard one, and the one I didn't expect. And, once again, character I nominated is in this. Oh well...

    So, let's try to compare these two. As villains they are very different, but somewhat close in scale. Alucard killed something close to a whole medieval country, while Vincent aimed to kill a sci-fi city with probably many millions of people. And another difference is that Vincent is working on doing that mass-killing thingy, while Alucard already moved on to being a caged monster killing stuff for fun.
    Personalities? Holy hell, they are complete opposites. While Alucard has a bit of drama in his history, he is all-fun, destroying and devouring enemies in casual way. Vincent is serious about his goals, he does everything for that, and, while at times he looks like he's having fun, he is, as I said, a very blues-style character. I have to say that I enjoy watching one of them and really do feel for the other here.
    I would have talked about who would have won in a fight, but that's a silly question - Alucard would obviously win )) , that just comes with being overpowered as hell. Now, if the battle would rely on planning, Vincent would have the upper hand because I do feel like all Alucard's planning is done by Integra, while he just charges as somebody. Vincent plans well, even though he is a very crazy and delusional calm person.

    Damn, another hard one, as I said, and I can't even pick favourite here. I like Alucard's character more, but Vincent is presented more properly as a villain. I guess I will vote Vincent after all, but not because I nominated him. The BeBop movie was the thing that started me on the whole anime business. Yes, movie, not series, that came right after that for me. Alucard was the character that started me on the whole manga business, but BeBop came first. So yeah, I like them equally, and I will vote Vincent here purely on that.

  51. #734422014-04-18 16:43:20TalTal said:

    I don't give a damn about Vincent, and Alucard has the perfect sense of drama and emotion that I like in a villain. Alucard

  52. #734452014-04-18 16:58:00johan_5179 said:

    My vote for Alucard

    Kirn has summed up my confusion very well. But since neither Bebop nor Hellsing were my firsts, I don't have that way out :)

    Alucard ran his own country, killed everyone in it, and while he looks like tonnes of fun on the outside, one can see later on that is simply because he feels the despair of having given up his humanity in a moment of what he calls weakness. Inner conflict is something I love in a villain. Also, while Vincent's villainy is an accident more than anything else (he survived something which many others didn't, and lost his mind) Alucard is a very deliberate killer, looking to educate all and sundry about the price which has to be paid for power. The more powerful his opponent, the more brutal he becomes.

    I would disagree on the planning thing though. The only reason Alucard does not plan things is that he does not give a shit, and he has a death wish. As Vlad the Impaler he was a feared general, and that is something that shouldn't be forgotten.

    Alucard is also among the best vampires to exist in any kind of entertainment, and with the bullshit that goes on in the name of vampires these days, he is a must watch. Vincent is never the focus of the movie he's in, people look at Spike and root for him. Alucard commands respect and fear in equal measure, and questions the audience as well, who want him to win, but will definitely not approve of his methods. While Vincent is a good villain, he isn't that intense a character, and hence my vote goes to Alucard. Grand, powerful and devious.

  53. #734932014-04-19 07:24:11--Jack-- said:

    While I'll admit that Alucard is overpowered, I felt that Vincent's personality was more developed than Alucards. Sadism just ain't enough

    Vote: Vincent Volaju

    I also love me some Cowboy Bebop

  54. #735932014-04-20 15:52:28Dark-B said:

    Here are the results of Match 1 and 2 of the quarter-finals:

    Match 1: This match started strong, ended strong. It had the feeling of a finale match, and Johan Liebert came out strong once again and ensuring he is not leaving easily, and this was a battle that made anime fans who love both Claire Stanfield and Johan get stuck, and the match continued going back and forth with Claire seeming to pull the victory but never would anyone guess a simple tie breaker followed by multiple votes to Johan Liebert made him secure a victory and walk out strong against someone like Claire Stanfield.

    Match 2: This match showed no problem from Alucard, as he once again, crushes another opponent- Vincent Volaju- easily, and moving on to the semi-finals with no real challenge so far, but that seems about to change, for Alucard is moving to the next round and surely facing a great hurdle, unless Alucard's fans have his back 100%.

    Now, the final matches of the quarter-finals:

    Third Match of the Quarter-finals:

    • Father- Fullmetal Alchemist

    • Gendo Ikari- Neon Genesis Evangelion

  55. #735962014-04-20 15:55:37 *Ecstasy said:

    Voting for Gendo in this one. They both try to fuck with humanity in their own ways, but Gendo has more presence in the series and just pisses me off more.

  56. #736012014-04-20 15:58:16johan_5179 said:


    Vote for Father.

    Is Gendo even a villain? He is a scumbag, but does he not want the exact same thing that Seele wants? Which is the exact same thing that Rei wants? Which is the exact same thing that the supposed villains the Angels want? What sets any one apart from the other in any real sense?


    No. Father is too huge for this guy here. Too awesome.

  57. #736092014-04-20 16:22:28 *9mm said:

    what the fuck you people lol.

    Gendo is pretty much like the Father, except he fucks the entire universe.

    Gendo wins.

    p.s. you don't understand eva, because you stopped thinking. do some thinking on your own instead of coloring it as, "it shouldn't make sense." or use the internet.

  58. #735942014-04-20 15:52:40Dark-B said:

    Fourth and Final Match of the Quarter-Finals:

    • Kyubey- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    • Shougo Makishima- Psycho-pass

    -Voting ends on Tuesday-
  59. #736052014-04-20 16:03:46 *Rinneko said:

    Makishima Shougo, because he was a well-developed, self-motivated villain with interesting ideas. In comparison to Kyubey, who seemed more of a way of moving the plot along.

  60. #738092014-04-22 16:16:44Dark-B said:

    Here are the results of the final quarter-finals, before we move on to the semi-finals! We're one step closer to finding it out, and it's going to be real intense after this one for the top 4 have been decided:

    Johan Liebert- Monster
    Alucard- Hellsing
    Father- Fullmetal Alchemist
    Shogo Makishima- Psycho-Pass

    These four, even if one of them will ultimately triumph, are still considred CL's top 4 villains, and they were chosen by you, CLers, but now be prepared for the the 2nd hardest decisions you'll be making, as we're two matches away from the finale!

    So choose well, for the options have been narrowed down greatly from two weeks ago.

    First Match in the Semi-finals is between:

    Johan Liebert- Monster

    Shogo Makishima- Psycho-Pass

  61. #738112014-04-22 16:36:30Kirn said:

    Funny how people said Johan and Makishima are very similar, and here they are.

    Well, I really don't think they are too similar, and I will vote for Johan here. Out of two villains, he is way better developed and things he does do feel more elaborate. Well, it's no wander, really. Johan got more time - the anime is longer and we pretty much learn his history from the beginning. Makishima is given to us as is, with no real trip to his mind or past.

    So yeah, vote for Johan.

  62. #738222014-04-22 18:01:33johan_5179 said:

    Johan Liebert

    Makishima works under the assumption that he's doing some good to society, while realising that he's doing it for the fun he gets. Johan functions under no such constructs. He embraces his evil, revels in it, leads others to their demise. He is meticulate enough to wipe out every means of emotional support for the richest man in the country, but spontaneous enough to leave all the power he had already gained through his trust because engineering a massacre in an entire town is much more fun.

    Johan labours under no pretence of being a saviour, unlike Makishima who tries to posit himself as the salvation in this totalitarian regime. Johan has no pretence, he is evil incarnate, and makes no excuses for it.

    Johan functions in a world closer to ours, makes him scarier and more powerful in his impact. He breaks people down completely, and his method of becoming the monster is much more elaborate. Makishima was born a monster, Johan taps into the fear of the unknown the audience. He does not explain himself, and is as a consequence more enigmatic.

    Makishima's rivals are... dumb cops out of touch. Johan is pursued by the best in the business, and the only thing keeping him from winning is that he lets them live. For further experimentation.

    I seriously could go on further, because Makishima made me consider my position vis a vis Johan. But again, Johan wins comfortably. Makishima's demise puts and end to him. Johan's demise would change almost nothing, he is much greater than a man, he is an idea. He is everywhere. At 11 years of age, Johan said he wanted to be alive when the entire world ended, after he had just led a rebellion in his orphanage killing nearly everyone there. He succeeded. He is in all of us.

  63. #739532014-04-23 14:56:01Rinneko said:

    Johan Liebert; I think Monster was overall better done than Psycho-Pass, and basically what johan_5179 mentioned.

  64. #738122014-04-22 16:47:34Kirn said:

    Oooooooh yeah! In terms of pure power, this is the match of all-time heavy-weights. Are you ready to rumble!?

    Interestingly enough, those two are similar in some aspects. They both are extremely powerful. They both owned whole countries. Their stories involve destroying those actual countries in some way. They have concious servants and they can create minions from their own bodies. They are both over-powered like hell. Wait, did I say that already? Well, they are that much overpowered.

    Now, Father is a villain going for the conclusion of his master plan. For Alucard, as it was said many times now, it's all in the past, and he is now the nightmare for other monsters. So Father is nore of a villain, obviously. However, Alucard beats him in terms of personality. He's very damn likeable. Father, though, rarely shows emotions... I guess, his emotions are homunculi, who are quite nice as characters, but for me they feel like separate entities, so I don't count them as Father's personality here.

    I guess in the end it boils down to this. Father started out as monster created in a flask and tricked people into empowering him. Alucard became unholy monster out of his own defiance and hate for god and everyone.

    Considering all this, I will go with Alucard here.

  65. #738172014-04-22 17:25:28 *DarkChaplain said:


    As much as I like Alucard, he doesn't act as an all-out villain in Hellsing, whereas Father did pursue his plan for centuries - and succeeded. Yes, he succeeded, but victory was stripped from him afterwards.

    Vlad's rebellion and his inner turmoil are great stuff, but Father just takes the cake when it comes to villainy, and he's been a well-constructed character you could come to understand, even if you may not agree with him. You see where he came from, and where he wants to arrive. Alucard, meanwhile, is still shrouded in mystery. While I think less can be more, it doesn't make for a well-built villain if you leave his motivations and struggles aside to boost the badass factor.

    Yes, Alucard eventually got development, flashbacks and his self-loathing becomes evident, but he does not act as the villain in Hellsing - he's basically the last bastion in defense of humanity, whereas Father tried to wipe out more than 50 million people in one act of defiance against "God" and "Truth". All this rooted from a simple desire to be free of the constraints of his flask and the shackles of his limited existence. Alucard, meanwhile, seems to abhorr what he has become, while Father fears having to return to the maelstrom he originated from.

    As such, I consider Father the more intriguing, more successful, more engaging and better written villain in this match.

  66. #738232014-04-22 18:09:10johan_5179 said:


    In terms of character, personality, and charm, Alucard wins. But this is a villain contest. And Father's plan is almost unbeatable, his success unmatched. He wins.

  67. #739372014-04-23 10:43:30Ecstasy said:

    I guess, his emotions are homunculi, who are quite nice as characters, but for me they feel like separate entities, so I don't count them as Father's personality here.

    the reason why I didn't feel Father's presence in the series. Really liked homunculi as the characters, but I see them separately, since they are driven by Father's emotion, but show some interdependency.

    Voting for Alucard. He is one of the most awesome characters ever created.

  68. #740812014-04-24 15:07:20Dark-B said:

    Johan Liebert and Father are moving on to the finale!

    Yes, you read that right, these two are clashing to sit on the throne of being CL's best at what they do, and I and everyone who actually bothers to keep up with this thing are quite excited to see more CLers take action and vote for they will be representing us, the community for the rest of the year!

    Now, normally I would post the match immediately, but for this special occasion and the fact we are almost done, I am going to wait for a bit before I post the matches but nonetheless, I will post them today.

    Stay tuned, and don't forget to check back for the start!

  69. #741362014-04-25 03:30:58Dark-B said:

    The Finals:

    We have now reached it, we are now going to witness the last bump in the road after two long weeks, and for that I thought I would give it something special today:

    Johan Liebert:



    -Voting Ends on Saturday!-
  70. #741542014-04-25 08:16:08 *Rebel said:

    So the rehab junkie( Johan Liebertmade) made it through, good for him/her. Oh but who is he facing up against this time, why it's father himself... Also from another anime that I haven't watched :/... hmm so how should I vote on this one you might ask. Easy! I'll just need to compare them again. Hmm judging by the pictures, Johan/rehad junkie seems to be feeling cold (as seen illustrated as rain drops falling on him/her and in the background) and also he seems to be hovering his index finger over his forehead as if he/she was pressing a button or turning on a switch. Now the next image is where things starts to make more sense, he still has his index finger on his forehead but now the background appears to be in an inferno, so this must clearly state that he is feeling warm, hot or on fire. So when you put them both together, this clearly shows that he's turning him/her self on in a sexual way, this must be the way this rehab junkie committed villainous acts in the anime, and it's quite agreeable because who would really messed with a turned on rehab junkie flaming with hormones filled with desires for you....

    Now for this 'Father' who might not really be a father at all, that could be a shocker. But don't worry I'll get to the bottom of this. Due to trouble in viewing the first picture of father, I can not quiet fully understand it all, but seeing that he was old in the other voting pics of him and now he seems to be younger. I think that the truth behind this 'father' is that he really isn't a father at all, I believe that he's pretending to be a father to lure little kids to see his skinny ball or balls (the first must be a diversion then his second one pops out unexpected). Maybe the protagonist of this anime is a little boy/girl looking for some comforting because he/she maybe lost his/her parents and then he/she must of gotten lured in by 'Father''s balls, OOh It's all making sense. But... what does he do to the little boys??? is it more frighten than what a rehab junkie flaming with hormones filled with desires would do to you.... hmm tough decision... no wonder they are both in the finals...

    Bravo CL, you all know how to pick your villains, I must say you made this really hard for me but I must make my decision now and my decision is....

    Vote: Father

  71. #741572014-04-25 10:13:59 *Kirn said:

    Well. This one is difficult for me. I know both of them, I know they both are damn good villains in a very different settings. And I actually don't really like both of them on personal level.

    So. I can't really pick anyone here, so I will vote for Rebel to be the main retard of the contest and to scratch his embarrassment of a 'voting' from this.

  72. #741642014-04-25 11:47:57Teil said:

    I'm thrilled both my nominees made it to semis but with the competition they're up against I can't really blame them for being crushed so thoroughly. My heart tells me Johan but Father is the one who deserves to win this battle, no questions.

  73. #741812014-04-25 15:02:35Rinneko said:

    I don't know Father that well, and since I would be really delighted if Johan won... I am the first to vote Johan Liebert.

  74. #742152014-04-25 16:20:14johan_5179 said:

    Johan Liebert

    He's charming, dangerous, and is a threatening presence throughout the series. And everytime he is on screen, you don't know how he'll present himself. There's always the anticipation of what method he would exactly use to absolutely destroy his next prey. Father is... intimidating simply because of his power and the size of his plan. Johan doesn't really have to do anything to scare the shit out of you. Just one look at his methods and how attractive they are, and soon he'll have you questioning just how fucked up you are to be rooting for the guy even after all that the evil he continues to do.

    Father is a grandmaster of planning, but he also lives in a supernatural world with superpowers and shit. Johan is much closer home, and hence more powerful as a villain. The greatest villain ever may not win this, but he came close despite Monster being obscure in comparison with FMA, and I'm happy with this. Hopefully more people will watch Monster after this.

    Also, I support Kirn's request to declare Rebel as the idiot of the thread, and getting rid of his embarrassing bullshit post.

  75. #741582014-04-25 10:17:49Kirn said:

    Comparing to most previous matches, this one is damn easy. Makishima can't even be compared to the heavyweights we have on the first place match, and out of all top 4 we have, he is the smallest in comparison. So I will vote Alucard here. For personality, lack of mercy and his general attitude of 'let's kill everyone here'.

  76. #742082014-04-25 16:04:59johan_5179 said:


    Makishima is charming, but he... isn't scary. At all :/

    Alucard scares me, while making me love his character. Wins.

  77. #742172014-04-25 16:31:28Ecstasy said:

    @johan_5179 actually I think that Makishima can be rather scary. Like he can kill people without his psycho-pass reacting on it. If you think about meeting him in the series environment which is supposed to make people feel safe and protected, he can cause a lot of stress to these people just by the fact of his existence. Not sure if I can explain it properly.

    But yeah, voting for Alucard in this one. He is more developed in my opinion, but I do like them both.