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  1. If you picked up a Death Note, what would you use it for?

    #729912014-04-12 03:55:37 *AshitoKenji said:

    If you were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to pick up a death note, what would you do with it?

  2. #729932014-04-12 05:01:47Mau said:
    No one.
    Because it's not worth it.
    And if I did kill somebody it really wouldn't solve anything.
  3. #730002014-04-12 08:31:29Jacek said:

    Basically what @Maudia said.

    And @Coldu while I can understand that's tempting, remember what happened in the manga/anime of Death Note. Light was caught and he tried very hard to keep himself hidden. You would have a direct connection with the victims and they're not even bad people they just happened to say the wrong thing to you.

  4. #730012014-04-12 08:48:09Rinneko said:

    If I were to kill somebody, I wouldn't do it through a Death Note. I would do it myself.

    However, I agree with what Mau said. I would regret it.

  5. #730042014-04-12 09:52:34DarkChaplain said:

    I doubt I would regret using it.

    Heck, Light got caught because he let himself get baited, by having his pride hurt and being directly challenged in a way that could filter him out step by step. He also fucked up when it comes to effective internet usage.

    But most importantly, he got caught because there was some super-level investigator association after his butt, who he later played hide and seek with. Considering how shitty real-life investigations go in much simpler cases with tangible proof, I don't think one would run risk of getting caught unless you fuck up yourself and pick targets too predictably.

    And let us not forget that Light could have stopped and abandoned the Death Note along the way. He could have quit, effectively forgetting all about it and destroying the evidence - which he did at one point, as part of his schemes. It only escalated after he regained access to a Death Note and his memories returned, leading to him continuing his purge.

    Quit, destroy the Note, and you will not only eliminate every actual evidence of you having killed, but also lose your memory of it, meaning your guilt and shame.

  6. #730102014-04-12 12:39:02Lycan said:

    I don't think I'd use it to kill someone. Maybe some real bad bad guys, like leader figures for evil groups. I would be more interested in the shinigamis and the otherworldly stuff.

  7. #730122014-04-12 13:15:12 *johan_5179 said:

    I don't think that the Death Note is that powerful an ability. All of those restrictions like knowing someone's real name and stuff. Unless you're a maniac wanting to go on a killing spree or some already powerful person with enough resources to dig out info on 'truly' bad people, I don't think anyone would find much happiness from it. Normal people would only fuck shit up for themselves and others.

    Now if someone was to give me Mystic Eyes of Death Perception , the answer would be quite different, because that is truly exciting stuff :3


  8. #730382014-04-12 16:49:13Momimochi said:

    I would keep it as some collector's item or something. In fact, I know one person I'd get rid of without guilt or any of those relevent emotions.

    Also let's not forget the Death Eraser that brings people back to life in pilot lololol. Fucking miracles.

  9. #730512014-04-12 18:36:32 *Mau said:
    Alright maybe we should look at the advantages, disadvantages, and unintended consequences of using a death note.

    Power over who lives or dies, getting rid of people you don't like, getting rid of people you think deserve to die for their actions, having a notebook that never runs out of pages.

    You might get caught if you're not smart, it could fall into the wrong hands, you could develop a sanctimonious god complex, you may become a walking textbook example of He Who Fights Monsters, you may start killing people for the simplest of transgressions against you, you might wind up killing people to cover your ass, and It could one day be used to kill you

    Unintended Consequence:
    Let's say you decided to start killing criminals off like Light did, but what happens if some of the criminals you killed were in fact falsely accused and convicted? It's not as uncommon as you may think that people wind up in jail for things they didn't do.
    So, in your quest to fight crime you may have just killed somebody who was in fact innocent of any wrong-doing, and you just killed an innocent person making you the only criminal.

    You might wind up having a cult dedicated to your crimes. (Whether it's good or bad consequence is up to you)

    If you kill some corrupt politician they might wind up being replaced by an even worse one, and the process could just repeat itself.
  10. #730542014-04-12 19:14:28DarkChaplain said:

    So, in your quest to fight crime you may have just killed somebody who was in fact innocent of any wrong-doing, and you just killed an innocent person making you the only criminal.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Light himself do research on the cases of criminals and even let those who acted "just", at least in his opinion, or those who actually regretted their actions, or accidents, get away with it, without death?

    If you kill some corrupt politician they might wind up being replaced by an even worse one, and the process could just repeat itself.

    Fear of reprisal will keep them in check.

  11. #730702014-04-12 22:52:30 *Mau said:
    I wasn't talking about Light with that one, I was simply talking in general, but if memory serves me correct he did in the beginning.
    I just highly doubt most people if given a Death Note would actually bother to look into context of a criminals actions, or would even bother to question anything.
  12. #730572014-04-12 19:23:14 *Xyopq said:

    Step 1: Start a Kickstarter campaign for something awesome

    Step 2: Write in Deathnote 'Bill Gates funds awesome kickstarter project, dies at 120 years old of heart attack during sex'.

    Step 3: Part of Kickstarter fund is insane paycheck for yourself

    • Everyone wins.
  13. #730632014-04-12 21:33:32DarkChaplain said:

    Just that Bill is actually a pretty awesome guy who does not deserve death and is doing so much good, losing him would be a massive waste

  14. #730692014-04-12 21:44:33TeruShinozaki said:

    Such an awesome guy that, when death does come for him, the only way he deserves to go is while having awesome sex, at a very old age, having lived a long, full life. Although, would a 120-year old still even be able to get it up?

  15. #730792014-04-13 03:01:55johan_5179 said:

    If the note says he can, he can.

    I know I said that the Death Note isn't that powerful an ability, but I suddenly see numerous possibilities :3

  16. #730602014-04-12 20:22:37Wolfangle said:

    I'd kill Joseph Kony & anyone in his army who has pride in following hi, due to the once again rise of the "Invisible Children" project.

    Sounds stupid cause of that jerk-off incident, but be real mayne:V

  17. #730612014-04-12 20:43:28--Jack-- said:

    I feel like there would be way too many downsides to using the Death+Note at all. Here's all I can remember from the anime's initial list of consequences:

    • User is fated to go to limbo, neither Heaven or hell.

    • User gets to deal with a Shinigami, who may as well be a (semi)permanent roommate.

    • User ends up dying at the hand of this shinigami "friend" (Questionably true).

    This being said, I'd sell the thing anonymously, so that if someone obtained it, then they could not with their knowledge, kill me to regain their money either. Money-Yes, Problem-Not really.

  18. #731012014-04-13 13:29:57 *HumanInterfaceDisorder said:

    Honestly, I wouldn't bother with a Death Note. I'd keep a piece on me so I could always see the attached Shinigami, but I'd never make use of the actual note. Mostly because I don't see an immortal soul (if such a thing exists) as being a worthwhile tradeoff for a short power trip.

    This might seem like an odd comparison, but I think this actually falls into the same case I make against drone strikes. I firmly believe that if a man must take a life, he should have to do it in such a fashion that he sees the immediate results of his actions. Else the act of taking a life becomes too divorced from the reality, meaning the wielder of the remote weapon (be it a drone or a deathnote) loses perspective. I'd argue the threat of losing something as intangible as a soul / access to heaven or whatever is likely to be lost on the overwhelming majority of people.

    Long of the short of it: If I felt someone being removed from this world would improve it in a drastic way (think global scale here), I'd just do it myself without supernatural assistance.

  19. #731042014-04-13 14:02:20Cenica said:

    I feel like people are taking this thread too seriously...
    Am I the only one who would consider world chaos? Because it seems kind of fun...
    Though it would take a really long time to do properly and a really big death note I think.
    Maybe if I write really small...

  20. #731132014-04-13 19:11:50Dark-B said:

    I would definitely consider pulling of a Kira, but I'll learn from his mistakes to never get caught and never lose my head.

    See how easy it is?

    Though really, if I get bored with it I'll just get rid of it but without anyone knowing about it because no way am I going to risk it, plus like DC said before, if I am successful in getting rid of it I'll forget about it anyway so no feeling of guilt whatsoever about me massacring and making a new world from the blood of hundreds(or millions)

    And I'll also have a pretty strong arm by the time I'm done with it from all the writing.