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Parent: If you picked up a Death Note, what would you use it for?

  1. #730042014-04-12 09:52:34DarkChaplain said:

    I doubt I would regret using it.

    Heck, Light got caught because he let himself get baited, by having his pride hurt and being directly challenged in a way that could filter him out step by step. He also fucked up when it comes to effective internet usage.

    But most importantly, he got caught because there was some super-level investigator association after his butt, who he later played hide and seek with. Considering how shitty real-life investigations go in much simpler cases with tangible proof, I don't think one would run risk of getting caught unless you fuck up yourself and pick targets too predictably.

    And let us not forget that Light could have stopped and abandoned the Death Note along the way. He could have quit, effectively forgetting all about it and destroying the evidence - which he did at one point, as part of his schemes. It only escalated after he regained access to a Death Note and his memories returned, leading to him continuing his purge.

    Quit, destroy the Note, and you will not only eliminate every actual evidence of you having killed, but also lose your memory of it, meaning your guilt and shame.